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Grilled Miyako @ Osaka Loop Line JR Bentenmachi Station

Grilled Miyako @ Osaka Loop Line JR Bentenmachi Station

Please put the magic of the ranking to me. I’m depressed.

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Today’s quiet word

The change of the season is very weak w

A soft-based boy.

I’ve been keeping an eye on you.

In the pouring rain, we went all the way to the Circle line.

It is a long-established Western-style restaurant.

If you search the grill of Kobe seems to have nothing to do with Miyako…

Kobe is caught in search, but sweat

From JR Benten-machi station, exit from the Transport Museum.

If you do not R43 in the signal immediately, it is hard and over the footbridge!

I failed and I was in the ticket gate from the reverse.

For some reason, the footbridge is filled with water and the shoes are soaked (…;)

Sticky. “Feels bad.”


When I went to the store, it was still closed.

A minute ago W

Wait a minute, open

It was really good because it was cold and the rain was terrible. Oh, thanks.


The store is moist and classic.

I do not know well even if you write,

There is a sense of luxury in a relaxed manner.

Open soon people are coming in.

It’s not full, but it feels like it’s being loved by the locals.



Day beer, the reason why I came by train ^ ^


Steak Lunch and lost

Special lunch… hamburger, fried shrimp, fried egg, spaghetti ham salad (cabbage and lettuce tomatoes)


I wanted to throw away the steak.


The hamburger is not so thick that it is decent size.

Banff National Park not. A thick, easy-to-eat thickness that says well

Just like the egg.

I love eggs… or boiled eggs.



It’s just barely flowing.

The yolk is exquisite.


Anyway, there are a lot of vegetables… shredded cabbage Corner and Lettuce corner

It seems to be full stomach only by this rice paddy.

The dressing is not enough.


I’m taking a lot of pictures but there’s no good

The main character is the photograph… terrible. m (__) m


Miso soup


Light Hamburger

This spaghetti makes the childhood!

Quite like



Shrimp fries are also indispensable for Western food.

Just a special lunch


Fried Shrimp

The sauce of the Tartar and the hamburger mixed with tomato ketchup and delicious ♪


Shrimp cross section of this


I care about steak lunch and pork cutlet.

It’s a long way.

It is a trap to be angry when I say that it is far in this


Click the menu to enlarge. And if I push one, I think that the menu is seen left.

It is the specification of Amebro. The picture is Heboi. I’m not a command.




There are three parking spaces in this map.


I’m not going to bother you.

The service is also pleasant, you can eat very pleasant and polite

You’ll want to revisit it.

Shop name GRILL MIYAKO (grilled Miyako)

Address 1-6-31 Benten, Minato-ku, Osaka

Phone number 06-6571-1401

Opening hours 11:00 ~ 14:30 (L.O.13:50)/Weekday night 17:30 ~ 22:00 (L.O.21:00) Sunday Holidays 17:00 ~ 22:00 (L.O.21:00)

Closed Tuesdays

3 Parking spaces available


About a 10-minute walk from JR Benten-machi Station
Eating Log grill Miyako ( Western / Benten-machi station )

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

I was allowed to trackback m (__) m

Pooh ‘s full Diary

Tiger Kichi Osaka B Class Gourmet Club

M Lunch

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