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Grilled Orient @ Hanshin Amagasaki Aroma The hamburger of a long-established Western restaurant… #尼崎

Grilled Orient @ Hanshin Amagasaki Aroma The hamburger of a long-established Western restaurant… #尼崎

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Today’s quiet word

It is a very grumpy stiff neck w

When you become a tengu… listen to your opinions sincerely.

To the Chase…

There was a place which I still want to go to Hanshin Amagasaki.

It’s been over 70 years since 1934… GRILL ORIENT…

Some day I came to eat rice with my grandfather and two people.

What did you eat in the old days?

Maybe a hamburger.

I don’t like hamburgers that much since long ago,

I have a memory of my order here.

It enters the central shopping street immediately from Hanshin Amagasaki.

Straight go and the signal… there is this orient-san a little more in the foreground without going there.


There is also a seat on the second floor.


It’s like this in front of the store.

It’s messy.



I’m lost.









Beer for the time being


The inside of the shop is like this

Just like a coffee shop for a moment

When I look good, I feel that there is a retro feeling and a good taste


I’ve got a lot of stuff in there.

Service Set!

The service set here is interesting

Hamburger and fried shrimp are decided

Then choose one of the curry rice, omurice

I want to eat rice.

From the trouble, Omurice W


It’s a pretty volume.

Are you eating this? (・・;)


The salad is small compared to other Western restaurants.

But it’s just right for me ^ ^


From Omurice

(^^ ♪ Not doing so strange, omurice of a homely image

Seasoned Dark eye burns

Very High sensitivity


Big Fried Shrimp


The tartar sauce, too, is a chair

Shrimp is thicker than I thought.

I’ve been thinking about eating shrimp fries.


What do you think this makes me fly?


Salmon Cream croquettes

I don’t really like cream croquettes, but they are good, W



The most I wanted to eat was

This hamburger!!!!!

This and shrimp fry ate reminded me

Maybe I ate a set of hamburger and fried shrimp.


The seasoning is this, too, dark eyes burns

It’s just so good to drink. The rice is going to be absolute ^ ^

This is

When you say what you like, some burnt aroma and sauces come up in the umbrella!

I remember. I miss you.

I like it.


Because I felt it was delicious and ate in old times, do you feel delicious even now?

I don’t think so.

I do not remember the taste, but I have a really nostalgic feeling to eat ~

When I was a senior kindergarten, I came to eat with my father and two people,

This hamburger…

I remember, maybe it’s the oldest place we’ve been together.

Oh, father is still alive W

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Shop Name Grill Orient

Address 2-27-8 Kanda Nakadori, Amagasaki, Hyogo

Phone number 06-6411-0936

Business hours 11:00 ~ 22:00 (L.O.21:30) * Lunch until 14:00

Closed Monday

The parking lot and the downtown area, so I think there is a coin parking


Transportation from Hanshin Amagasaki Station, about a couple of minutes walk
Eating Log Grill Orient ( Western / Amagasaki Station (Hanshin) , Deyashiki station , Big station )

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

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