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Hanshin Tigers vs Saitama Seibu Lions and Koshien class B gourmet yakitori @ Hanshin Koshien Baseball stadium

Hanshin Tigers vs Saitama Seibu Lions and Koshien class B gourmet yakitori @ Hanshin Koshien Baseball stadium

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Today’s quiet word

It was a little too much time, so we swapped order.

I went to the game of the Exchange war the other day

I’m happy to have a day off… drink slowly.

But, this day is going to be a summer, I’m sitting down when I sit down,

I arrived at about an hour ago for the time being


I don’t like talking about baseball very much.

It writes the story of baseball. I’ll leave it to Mr. K.

I wonder if I can write a little atmosphere W



Mizuno Children’s Entertainment is done in front of the indoor practice area.




It is faster to count the seats from the top of the left.


When the lucky Day falls

This time, from Glico

You can get a bag for children below Elementary School (Kotonasiku).


The contents are done Bisco.

Very busy,

This bisco is deprived of water.

Is it just quiet that you don’t want to eat at all?


Now, while watching the practice… First First Cup

Just a little investment in Koshien

Even if it is not in this way, it is delicious, but the weather is not very good.

I’m a rain man,

The dwarf is a sunny man, isn’t it?

Maybe it’s a tremendous…


Next to Lions fan! Sweat

I’m really picky about the yajilin of Hanshin fans…

The Yajilin of this place is afraid.

I’m just a very enthusiastic person here.

Starting member is

Directed by Wada it’s a fragile thing…

Merton to number four.

Hiyama has starting member fifth. Sweat

Oh, my God.


There are also fans who rise to Truckee.

That’s one of them.


Two points will be in a moment.

To your opponent.

The starter is the same as the usual rise…;)

It’s good to see you again

If you get points at other times… When you have



I don’t get the dots.

I quiet to be a dwarf (Kotonasiku).

Hanshin Fan is more enthusiastic than me. Yajilin flies at home, too.

Unlike in the past, Yajilin is not going to fly at Koshien anymore.

Are you seriously looking at me?

How’s the Heat?


I will take back a little bit of energy with this.

Then I managed to hit three times somehow or other

I’ll give you one point on the ball.

And then feel boring

Hiyama is a dud.

Yes, that person is a single shot.

I wish I could have a young child


Good business jet balloons.

Think about the timing of the photos…;)


This time Burazel, the back screen tying home run ^ ^

Great excitement-Lions fans are limp.

No way to come to the tying W

I’ve been a little drunk.



It eats C class gourmet because it is a little peckish.



A level that you don’t want to admit to B-class gourmet

Jumbo Yakitori and spicy baked chicken

A book of 350 yen…

I’ll try the pork skewers next time.


Grilled chicken with only skin

Here, it eats and it is cheated by a strong sauce and atmosphere.

A dish that eats mostly


Squid under foot

Such a thing and wax

It’s named Umakara.

I think it’s just the usual gezo pepper.


I think that it is up to you to eat it with a souvenir absolutely!

Personally, I don’t recommend it.

But what about the people outside the prefecture? Please look at me like this.


It seems to be bought in FAX and the store.

I came to the bottom of the ninth inning by tying,

I got a base with something!

For those who like bass fishing

Sekimoto came out in a pinch.

Atmosphere of Sayonara and goodbye ^ ^

Ah ~ ~ ~

Ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wow ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Extrusion and ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And the Dead ball W

Extruded Deadball doing


I don’t know what it is.

I won.

It was like a match we won thanks to the opponent’s replacement for the starting pitcher.


Now in the night game

It’s too hot.

Hanshin Koshien Stadium ( Bento / Koshien Station, Kuhigawa station , Nario station )

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