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I went to bass fishing. Is there a time when catch is lucky even if Lake Biwa is not an arm #滋賀県

I went to bass fishing. Is there a time when catch is lucky even if Lake Biwa is not an arm #滋賀県

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Today’s quiet word

I’m invited to a big group today.

It is a strange tension.

Last year, I went fishing only twice in crowded.

This year!

But I’m not going to go too much today

But it’s interesting, I want to go again soon, I’m forgetting a little fun?

I want to go to loving every week when I go.

Too much money or physical strength W


I’m going to take you home for a little while… Meishin Expressway High-speed intensive work.

Rent a boat at the Lake Biwa Marina in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture.

It is famous even if I say a certain one.


If you are a receptionist, you will be explained by a boat shop on the pier.

I’m worried about rain in the cloudy skies, but I do not seem to have it somehow.

It’s pretty cold when I run. I’m wearing a rain suit. ^ ^

What do you catch? The bottom of the lake because it was a little after a long time not to investigate any information

I don’t really know what’s going on.


Let’s Go!

After the season? I’m pretty good at it, but…

My fishing at this time that the result is too good when


Even in the middle of Lake Biwa south

Most of the place is 3m to 5m.

Surprisingly shallow

Black bass I know a lot of people who are caught.

Sometimes there are a lot of Anaboko dug in a dredger.


I’m not moving.

Catch air, time passes at all…

The yacht is admired with elegance. If you’re not careful.

Atari’s There

When you meet


I was able to catch about 30.

It seems to be small, and it eats, and the stomach bashed up.

Sticks to the bottom.

I was caught when I moved slowly.

And the state to be pinched in the pattern of this hand and,

I don’t like it.

I may not be next anymore W

Time goes by again…


My stomach has decreased, so

Operation time. We’ll rethink it.

Go and dine at the restaurant (in the next article ^ ^)

Did you succeed in taking a break and killing yourself?

I happened to be in the Cape of the wand.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When it comes to this size that has eaten about 45

I feel like I caught it.

It’s fun!

It was only 1.2 kg but W

They move slowly and again.

Keep the lure away from the bottom as much as possible

I came again.


This is also 40 up

1.2 kg Hilarious

I’ll be the same fish, really

I lost your fish.

Repeat the move, in the midst of the rough sea, while becoming a wave of Lake Biwa like a Bisha Vicha

Do you want to relax at the next point?

There was an Atari in the rod of the Dwarf (Kotonasiku)!

I was caught

Rod is a song!!!



It is a very big size.

And Nice hooking

It is a luxury resort… I’m not tired once in a while

I’m glad I caught you.

It was a Bowes when unskilled w

The luxury lunch hen is next time.

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