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La Ceria Yamaha Marina Lake Biwa Marine Restaurant @ Lake Biwa #滋賀県 a boat to go for a meal

La Ceria Yamaha Marina Lake Biwa Marine Restaurant @ Lake Biwa #滋賀県 a boat to go for a meal

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Today’s quiet word

It’s Monday again… it will be a telephone storm today too (-_-;)

Let’s discourage and work hard.

So this is the time of the article

I just dropped by for lunch.

The restaurant in this is called the Yamaha Marina

Well, I always get lost wGPS.

Call the fishing teacher and ask him.

They manage to arrive

I didn’t know where I was, because I came from the other side.

The word is quiet.


I’m doing something Mercedes-Benz Entertainment.

Ritzy a damn W


I can eat on the second floor of this building.

You can also get a bar-in-the-terrace seat.



Good price. It is truly a resort.

But I like it because I can go to the restroom and relax slowly.



I’d like a pasta lunch and a pizza lunch.

The drinks seem to be Viking.


Beer is calling, but I drink iced coffee because there is maneuvering.

It’s different from what we have for lunch.

The potage of the pumpkin is attached, too. (Pizza Lunch)


This is a bucket of mentaiko mayonnaise sauce (pasta set)


The sauce is dark.

Mixed salad with black sesame dressing. (Both sets are on.) )


I chose from the four kinds of pasta of today

Octopus Pepeconcini


It is quite a lot. The seasoning is a dark eye.

It is very delicious, but the last one is greasy.


Cheer up with garlic power!



Pizza the avocado is on the center?

The taste is dark eyes.


@ Tsu ↑ ↑


It is also good to eat desperately

I love carbohydrates.



The Last is

Extracted by Delonghi espresso maker

I drank too much coffee after a long time.


It was an elegant restaurant.

Payday soon and I wonder if you have saved a little bit

I also made time to write a blog (;)

Shop name Yamaha Marina Lake Biwa (MARINA BIWAKO) Marine restaurant La Ceria

Address 5-2-2 Shimosaka book, Otsu-shi, Shiga 520-0105

Phone number 077-578-5785

Opening hours : December-March 10:00-17:30 closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

       April-November 10:00 ~ 17:30 (Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays 18:00) closed Tuesdays

200 parking spaces


Transportation from JR Kosai line Mount Hiei Sakamoto Station by taxi one meter or about 10-15 minutes on foot
Home Page

Eating log restaurant La Ceria ( Western / Mount Hiei Sakamoto Station )

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

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