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Monster Ultra Tavern-22:00 @ Amagasaki-Yokocho sanwa market Tiger Hole #出屋敷

Monster Ultra Tavern-22:00 @ Amagasaki-Yokocho sanwa market Tiger Hole #出屋敷

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I walked to Sanwa for a long time hare


Event information

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 2, “Amagasaki Yokocho

The event will be held by an individual who is a cultural festival as a student.

I was allowed to quote from the Alley blog .

“Amagasaki Yokocho” is the “Amagasaki Sanwa Market”
To liven up the Sanwa Market Union, TMO Amagasaki,
Kansai University Faculty of Management, and other local volunteers are mainly
This is a store opening event that is held in bimonthly.

Aiming at the atmosphere of the black city immediately after the defeat,
Lined the long desk in front of the aisle shutter,
The participants will open their own stalls.
Generally speaking, there are many handmade food related.

The month of the event is 2.4, 6.8, 10 and 12 even months.

The place is the SANWA market! The map link below is a surprise.

Time from around 16:00 to 9pm

Contact Us
TMO Amagasaki
4-Chome, Kanda Nakadori, Amagasaki City
TEL/FAX 06-6411-4300

That? I had a plan on this day.;)

I’m sorry.


Another day at the same place, there seems to be an event Monster tavern.

2012 6/30 18:00 ~ 22:00

The original child monster Doctor seems to come.

Talking about a monster in a tavern? It’s strange.

It’s all there. Sanwa Market W


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Please check the access method below Amagasaki Yokocho blog.


Transportation: 5-10 minutes walk from Hanshin Deyashiki Station

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