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Oh I’m not a WWW health is not-natural ~ @ My body #健康診断

Oh I’m not a WWW health is not-natural ~ @ My body #健康診断

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Today’s quiet word

I started working but I’m going to be lazy

Turning too much W

The checkup of the Wack company,

Yes, I finally get a blood test once I get old.

And it comes to be able to do every year about five years ahead.

And this time it’s the first year, the company’s first blood test…

The result is…

I wonder if the ranks of the uncles finally W

Neutral fat… The standard times, but it’s normal since I got sick.

I forgot to have it.

It’s still going to be more expensive.

Yesterday I wanted to be a Lawson Mets Cola drink

Gamma-GTP Well, I wonder if it’s been up to now, but I drank too much the day before.

I don’t really care about this…


I’m not repulsed to that.

Did you get a drink of sweet potato shochu?

It’s a bloody smooth.

Thank you very much for reading the article. ^ ^

Because I am busy, I order it early

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