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Okonomiyaki @ Nun people you’ve heard of it? #尼崎市南武庫之荘

Okonomiyaki @ Nun people you’ve heard of it? #尼崎市南武庫之荘

The Holidays start! It is sluggish after tomorrow. Pochi in the future of Amagasaki

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Today’s quiet word

I have a bit of a story but… it might be a person of the nun.

I have received the thoughts of the people who support me while I’m good.

Hare while I (; ́ ∀ ‘) sentences cannot be written.

Thank you for your friend and sister. I’m not tired of going to buy sweets.

I have a few words… there’s still more… I drank too much… my own fault.

Today… sick (-_-;)

I’ll eat it.

THE Deep Okonomiyaki is the Amagasaki honten.

I’ve always heard about it, but

It is hard to go anyway.

I finally came to visit after I got warm.

It’s been 40 years since our founding.

Now, there seems to be more branches, Koshien Shop, Rokko Road store, Ginza Mitsukoshi store, and Ikebukuro Parco store.

Amagasaki is the head office is no doubt, but it is only managed by the head office independently.

Is the Koshien shop the same as your brother or son? An atmosphere that seems to be independent of one store here

However, the Kobe Rokkomichi store is up to the homepage, and it seems to have opened the Ginza Mitsukoshi store and the Ikebukuro Parco store.

The name of Kobe Rokko Road is sideways mage.

Maybe your daughter’s been there.

I imagine.


I saw it on the first floor of the complex. Miyamoto Shoten? The name changed, and it was supposed to be “GI”.

I don’t know.



b193f058.jpg 347b1dc7.jpg

Kimiko Date and other celebrity signs are in the store.

The price setting is quite high, and the prices of the Teppanyaki shop at night.

My neighbor’s father is enjoying the day’s sake.



Okonomiyaki with squid and yaki soba pork!

Beer is also required!

There are Asahi and Kirin.


Powder bonito, green onion, heavenly residue, and squid streaks


As I thought!

Is it grilled?

It’s the same technique over there, W


Happiness and

I’m very hungry.

But it’s so popular-it’s full of Sunday

It seems to be made three mothers, and it is good.

The friendly mothers talk to me.

It is also nice to come out with an aperture service


Yakisoba the pigs ahead.


It is delicious.

I was able to eat most of them in Kotonasiku. Sweat

I forgot to put on this homemade jangnon (miss)



This is a special dish.

Squid is pretty rough out your favorite. ^ ^

Fill the sauce yourself, sprinkle bonito and green seaweed and voila


The oil scum is fragrant. Squid also good compatibility ^ ^ Good.

It’s just softer than I thought.

The flavor of the dough is good.

But my home is already calling.

Is the shop of the grill not the other?



Homemade Jangnon (Korea spiced Chili)

This is the secret of taste I think.


A little too much, but

Do you want to say that this taste is more delicious than it is?

It’s a very, very…

Be surprised

It’s not as spicy as color, but not sweet, it’s a salty, dense sauce


If it becomes 900 yen, it becomes an expensive okonomiyaki, but still

I think

It’s nice-W

It was delicious. It was like a treat.

This is the only place you’ll ever go to Hanami.

Sick W

Name of Okonomiyaki, Amagasaki Honten

Address 60-8 Minami Mukogawa-sou, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo

Phone number 06-6436-0918

Business hours: 11:00 ~ 20:00

Closed Monday

No parking

Map Http://

I think it is about 1km from JR Koshien exit.
Eating log
( okonomiyaki / Koshien-guchi station )

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

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