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On Sunday, April 21, at Akihabara “Musume Musume”.

On Sunday, April 21, at Akihabara “Musume Musume”.

Good evening, everyone! It became the height of the temperature reminiscent of early summer entering the end of April.
Although the asthma that the peach has suffered for a long while is finally ending, the sudden hearing loss that developed recently is being treated.
Well, this time I’m writing about “Daughter Musume Meien” of Koncafé, which I visited on Sunday, April 21, just like the previous article.
The daughter daughter Beauty Garden is a shop with the concept of China (mainland Chinese).
It is popular with the cute woman who made clothes with the design of the China dress.
For more information about ★ Shops, please visit the last article (September, 2018 ).
I came to visit yesterday (April 21) thinking that I want to make sure what is the latest daughter and daughter Beauty garden after a long time has elapsed six months since the last visit.
The counter seats are busy enough to fill half the shop when I enter the store, and the shop was muffled with a little heat in the store with a lot of customers also maid Mr. Lana Todo of five people and the manager.
I sat on the vacant seat of the counter.
It was the maid named Mr. Gou who guided me, but it was a lovely maid that the bob hair matches and the smile remains in the impression very much.
I ordered the tomato juice, and the accomplishments of the aristocrat (can toast with a drink present to the maid) to Mr. Gou .
It was the first meeting with Mr. Gow , but I was also interested to talk to you because I was happy to talk with Mr. Gow who went to play to daughter and daughter Beauty garden in other maid café.
 Mr. Gou , the maid is easier to talk than expected, I talked to the topic of my blog and daughter daughter Beauty garden .
When I listened to the reason why I became a maid in Mr. Gou , I was longing for the maid clothes of the Chinese dress style of daughter daughter Bien .
The waiter told me that Lana , the manager of the store, would take care of me as well, because it’s fun and easy to work with. Lana , the manager, is very concerned about the maid, and if you have something to defend standing on the front.
After this, Mr. Gou went away at the waiter and spent some time taking notes, but the maid of the Red Storm came to talk with her self-introduction.
The style was very good, and the face was a beautiful woman who seemed to suit even if it became a dressing.
It seems to have passed as a visitor originally, and the daughter daughter Beauty garden liked it, and it became a maid. Now he told me that it was very nice to be able to get along with the maids by abusing their own authority.
In the store, customers come and go, and it was crowded enough to become full-booked the day before in the story of Lana , the manager of the store.
Daughter and daughter in the garden, but I had a drink from the open time, now I feel that whiskey is quite fulfilling, Scotch, Irish, a number of brands of bourbon, Japanese Yoichi, Chita And the like was aligned.
In the Con café, there are many places where there is no back bar like a regular BAR, but in daughter daughter Beauty Garden , you can also put alcohol because there is a back bar has become the seat of the counter main.
If you like whiskey, why not stop by all means?
Even if you cannot drink alcohol, you can spend it with confidence because there is soft drink and the Chinese Craft tea (the tea which can enjoy appearance), too.
This time, I took a two-shot Cheki with Mr. Gou.
It was very cute and gave me a drawing.
We stayed here for about an hour and a half and had a good time.



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