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Sandwich Le Mans Takarazuka Minami-guchi honten the egg sandwich and the cold beef sandwich accumulate. #阪急宝塚南口駅

Sandwich Le Mans Takarazuka Minami-guchi honten the egg sandwich and the cold beef sandwich accumulate. #阪急宝塚南口駅

Push it! Two!
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The story of the return which went to the favorite eating in rain.

I went down to Takarazuka station by train from Asegawa station.

I didn’t find anything I wanted to see.

I hurried to the sandwich and walked.

The head office is going to bother you or a strange obsession. It’s a station, but…

Because I was bad at the foot in the rain

Lack of exercise is gung-ho

Dwarf (Kotonasiku) is hungry and says strange things

It was a…;)

I’m in a hurry… 1 Station Palm



It’s a great…

In this area, people like Takarazuka Hot spring are going to street.

I’m afraid you’re right…

It arrives safely… sweat.


The store is waiting for two people to wait for a chair.



I’d be wondering if there was such a kind.


I’ll wait for you to make ten to fifteen minutes.


I’m a little lost on what to do, but

The egg sandwich is absolute, isn’t it?

You can choose egg sandwich without mustard.



The egg that was used generously does not accumulate from the appearance

@ Thank you ↑ ↑ Annoying pee ^ ^


Simplicity is the best

I want a box of this classic!


The other One

Cold Beef Sandwich,

A sandwich with roast beef.



Try it, okay? This looks great

What are the most wonderful sandwiches?

This is the most expensive sandwich here.


It is a little high, but here is the best @ gon 思hazare ↑ ↑ ↑ might recommend W

This is really loving and delicious.

With softer meat than expected

Even if it was piled up so much, it was impressed even though it was able to bite.

The price is very good.


I want to bite again… this cold beef sandwich…

What if I eat this day?

I can’t eat dinner anymore;)



This is a takeaway specialty store.
It seems to be able to eat in the place called Seka Shop of the flower of Takarazuka Station.

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Store name Le Mans SANDWICH LEMANS Takarazuka Minami-Guchi Honten
Address 12-14 Minamiguchi, Takarazuka-shi, Hyogo
Phone number 0797-72-0916
Business Hours 9:00 ~ 19:00
Closed Wednesday
Parking lot with shared parking, 1 hour free ticket for more than 1000 yen
1 ~ 3 minutes walk from Takarazuka Minami-Guchi Station on the traffic Hankyu
Eating logLe Mans Takarazuka Minami-Guchi StoreBread/Takarazuka Minami-Guchi StationCowasegawa StationTakarazuka Station

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