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Shinsenkaku Osaka Shop Starry Sky rooftop authentic Chinese beer garden @ All you eat unlimited drink #大阪駅前第一ビル屋上

Shinsenkaku Osaka Shop Starry Sky rooftop authentic Chinese beer garden @ All you eat unlimited drink #大阪駅前第一ビル屋上

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Today’s quiet word

It might be content that the reader is not fragile because it is a story of the drinking party.

I would appreciate it if you could taste the atmosphere of the drinking together.

In the continuation of the last article

I came to this venue of a meeting of the Big Brother who loves drinking party.

What floor is this in the basement?


From there, EV ride to the R floor.

It’s like a beer garden special venue for a Chinese restaurant.

All you can eat unlimited drink time limit and great!

Beer Garden because I wanted to go by all means, I was allowed to propose a little.

-Sorry selfish listen

Secretary-San M (__) m


If you exit the elevator, reception!


At 12F, it looks like a restaurant doing authentic Chinese food.

But the high-grade… that will answer my request to be satisfied with a low price

17:30 ~ 21:00 (L.O.20:45) 3 hours 30 minutes relax and eat unlimited! Glad you did

First, let’s buy a ticket W


Call me if you’d rather make a reservation before that.

A barbecue, a pot, and the main Chinese is a Viking course 3500 yen.

This time, the cheaper man 3200 yen, the woman of 2900 yen

Buy a ticket


The early hours are still vacant.

But all you can eat and drink is be born.

It looks rough.


If you take a picture or are dizzy,

The order of the set… what?

I’m going to get a beer… and’ll busy again cooking.

And my ticket???

Eh ~?????? I don’t know what or where.


Is it???????????

I don’t know where to go again because I’m crazy about taking pictures.

Very quiet pinch …… in my mind.

It seems to have taken a hasty expression in the body

It seems that it was interesting to see… weep

“It’s here!!!” 」

Somebody a ticket that was protruding from my pocket, I was scolded by a certain 0.001 (laughs)


I’m getting a beer soon…;)

Fade in

I hare… it looks cool at first glance, but it is weep

Discourage out

Beer comes out in exchange for tickets.

After this, it seems to be able to exchange the empty mug and the drink.


The young children who put drinks are still unfamiliar

Do you want to put water in the Shochu rock? I’m going to ask you a irresponsible thing.

Everyone feels good


What is cooking?

It’s a lot.


Char Siu, chicken teriyaki, egg-grilled, etc.


Vegetable salad and Seafood salad


Fried Shrimp and fish sweetness


Fried chicken with sour pork


Fried chicken and Shrimp tempura


Stir-fried seafood and stir-fried beef


Spring rolls, hemp-Auntie Tofu


Dumpling Meat


Grilled dumplings and edamame in water dumplings


Grilled rice and Yakisoba

All of us have come together

It’s a great amount, but… eat?

The people who started there today arrived.

Two people of the reader of Mr. Suparpara @ Kobe and the manager Chief Brother

I’m nervous at first.

I hear the story of Mr. Skpara, and I introduce myself with everyone,

It’s a short story for me!

I can’t speak anything with extreme tension..;)

Let’s all talk well


Let’s eat more and more.






Fried Rice

Choice of a


Sour pork or spring rolls. Fried Shrimp with tempura

None of the food you eat at this place is more than you expect.

I’m satisfied… it’s good to eat outdoors.



It is laughed by the person who loves crab and the marbo tofu of the taste level.

Deep fried shrimp dumpling in the meat bun

I thought it was a small basket , but it was different after all.

The bean jam was delicious.


I want to see some sweets.

Reader, I said I don’t eat oil.

I’m eating-w

I’m pretty drunk, and I don’t understand.

It feels like it’s going to be great

Even so, I was around the BOSS of a certain cram school that was Daishi.

They are full of drunks.

The food that I have taken in the seat change is gone, and it is supposed to be strange.

I don’t care about that kind of stuff, but

The dish which has been taken is a responsibility and does not eat.




Some cram BOSS, or a large amount of meat stir-fry or yakisoba, I’m taking or

Do you eat it??? Thought

I find myself stupid.

If you take a look, the appearance to pour more and more in the garbage truck level

Nice and comfortable

I ate two people, more than two people are drinking and drink w

If it is not drunk, it is unexpectedly shy, and it talks quite, and the bluff is done.

The next person who is also fun

When I turn the camera, my face is going to be a straw.

It is very. ^ ^

I took a little too much,-sorry

Where are you?

I heard the story “There is also Peking duck”

Thank you for coming to the Pasi!


It’s all there.

Thank you for all you eat. @ Tsu ↑


Here I realize that there is a wine rock in Shaoxing!

I asked the big brother of the byte and was put in full fill.

I do not have a very unpleasant face, “Shaoxing people are not so much, but I’ll do ~ customers”

I’m just a kid with a friendly bite to tell jokes about.

Because the high-ranking Chinese shop is doing, and the education has become a more favorable impression


The table of the place is very excited like this!

Rain Man, thank you for having somehow

The feast is about to open and the light of the firefly begins to flow.

I’ll have another drink at a steep pitch.

Everyone was so happy. Thank you very much.



It’s still going to be the next one…

A street blogger is going to die. Absolute W



The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Name Chinese Restaurant Shinsenkaku Osaka store BEER GARDEN

Address 〒 530-0001 Osaka- shi Kita-ku umeda 1-3-1 OSAKA ekimae No. 1 building RF (Beer garden venue)

Phone number 06-6341-4071

Beer Garden hours 17:30 ~ 21:00 (L.O.20:45)

Beer Garden Business Period 5/7 ~ 9/8

Beer Garden closed on Sundays, holidays and rainy days in May

Opening hours 11:00 ~ 21:00 (L.O.20:30)

Regular Holiday (excluding 12/30, 1/1 ~ 1/3)


Home Page

Gurunavi Discount Coupon was only high-class Chinese in the store.

Eating log Osaka ekimae Dai-ichi Bldg. Kamisenkaku Beer Garden ( via garden / Kitashinchi station , Nishi Umeda station , Umeda Station (Hanshin) )

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