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Skewer and Specialty Store Kushicho @ The delicious Osaka skewer cutlet that the person involved in food taught me #JR弁天町

Skewer and Specialty Store Kushicho @ The delicious Osaka skewer cutlet that the person involved in food taught me #JR弁天町

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Today’s quiet word

Hanshin yesterday I had to lose… weep

The camera is out of charge on the way.

Because I take it with an old camera, the image is unsightly a little more than usual.

We apologize. (It is made smallish for papered)

On the way back to the transportation museum, two people of Iron Wota

I was taught by the manager of the basket moto for a while beforehand.

“There is a delicious skewer and a shop in Benten-machi!” 」

The chance that I was going to come sometime with information is coming.

I walk from the station for about ten minutes or so with a dwarf (Kotonasiku) up and down,

It took me about 15 minutes… I was tired.

My stomach is too empty to be quite moody. W


Just walk along line 43 from the station and turn left.

You can see a lot of traffic in the residential area along the big road.


Finally arrived ^ ^

The store is mostly counter-seated,

There is only one four-seat table.







The sauce is a new world like the prohibition twice pickled.

It was almost like a dwarf (Kotonasiku) twice.


I was very attentive (^_^;)



I was patient, Rubi-gong suddenly!


Cabbage with Dashi

From the famous


It’s crunchy, and this sweet sauce fits well.

I’m sure he did it with potatoes.

I like the smell of bacon- good accent ~ ~ ~ ~

It is a skewer of skewer cutlet.


What I don’t know much about is

Skewers and skewers of the new world, I wonder if this is the position of the basic meaning

Do you feel like enjoying the grease?

The feeling of the robe is unbearably elegant.

It is a surprise that this is the master self-taught here.

(If the character is large, self-taught → Mathematics is a mistake, only me? )

A lot of sense.

There is a ambition, it seems to have been self-taught without training dare,

I’m attracted to clothing and personality.

I feel like I’m a hobby and making ramen,

He is a very delicate and diligent master of food.

It’s a cooked skewer and it’s so delicious.




Shrimp (Domestic) 350 yen I think it’s a little expensive but… really different!!!


I compared it to my finger, but I need two or more thickness… why is it so thick?

If you have a bite… it’s a skewer with two shrimp tails.

This is a deluxe dare to be a good thickness even one!

This is a very big ant .

f157b7f1.jpg 4f7da9b9.jpg

It’s delicious .

Scallop (^_^;)



Red Ginger

Mushroom with cream cheese

Bali Delicious

What a tasteful creative skewer, I do not accumulate ~


Cattle and (Wagyu beef)


White meat (shiso plum roll)



I just wanted to tell you a good place…

I want to try the new world after a long time.

We met a good shop.

Thank you very much. Mr. Basket Moto

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop name comb and specialty store Kushicho
Address 5-8-8 Benten, Minato-ku, Osaka, Japan
Phone number 06-6574-9158
Business hours 17:00 ~ 23:00 (L.O.22:45)
Closed Monday
Coin parking right next to the parking lot
5-10 minutes walk from the traffic Benten-machi station
Home Page
Eating log skewer length ( skewer fried / benten-machi station )


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