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Takahashi Amagasaki Okonomiyaki @ How to order with more than double!

Takahashi Amagasaki Okonomiyaki @ How to order with more than double!

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It’s been a while.

Okonomiyaki of my home and Mr.

When you are not motivated to go


You know that beer is a must for Okonomiyaki, right?

You guys drink w

I eat soba, too. Fried soba, big squid.
The sauce is diluted.

Let’s say that the thin one shakes the courage.

A narrow noodle is steady.

For the first time, I had my eggs in.

I usually get them outside.


Well, I know that I prefer to be outside.

From next to Absolute coddled!

I haven’t eaten modern baked recently.

I want to eat it.

This squid heaven

In double

I’ll have more times than the average guy.

Then, the fragrance of the tempura spreads very much.




It’ll be different if you make a little bit of it.

The best one is a special modern squid heaven double

Beer W


If you have a parking lot

What a great thing to do

I always say, but local-style home-based Okonomiyaki shop or

It’s so much better.

The neighborhood is full of people, and it seems that a great distance has come recently.


But this time it was unusually vacant… Sweat

We have been slowly while talking about the world


I love this shop.

Is my home

Most of the articles that I have said many times do not, I do not mind it is a good store…

Blog update will come sick W

A shop where you can enjoy relaxing time

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.
Okonomiyaki Takahashi
Address: 4-7-16 Higashi-Namba-cho, Amagasaki
Tel: 06-6489-4617
Opening Hours: 11:30 ~ 17:30
Closed: Thursday and Wednesday (open on holidays)

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