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Takeyama @ Kobe Sannomiya a popular tavern for a leisurely time

Takeyama @ Kobe Sannomiya a popular tavern for a leisurely time

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I came to Sannomiya by renewal of the boat license on this day.

I have once in five years, but it takes an update fee 10,000 yen if you apply elsewhere

I went to the 7000 Yen unit-I have come all the way ~ ^ ^

After the course of hunger

Headed but

I haikai a walk and found a popular tavern

It’s about 10 minutes from the station.

The atmosphere of the feeling is a yes.

It’s good to be standing in the shop.


Like this, the chair is polo polo, so you can use it.



Because there is a menu in the back and the guest sits down, it does not see (^_^;)

Look at this guy.
This way

For now, even Oden…

Thick fried or tofu and stripes are my essential



Because I am hungry, I want to put it in the stomach tofu system

I’m going to have a beer!


The streak meat also tastes nice ^ ^

Soaked W





This mother is a good character.

Do you take this picture? .

I put the bottle in one Sho W

If your mother spoke slowly, it would be interesting.

It seems to be considerably w
Chiju Kubota

I feel like eating something fried

I’m worried about croquettes…

In me, the croquettes are usually the position of a snack feeling

I don’t know why I want to eat here.

This 150 yen

Maybe it’s homemade.

The sauce is fried.

I’m surprised.

The clothing is firmly

I have a good texture.

I am happy with sweetness and flaky.

Nice meeting you.

Because everyone drank happily, it was stimulated to croquettes

I have also added

Aim to toasted the dried round

This is good for sake.

What a mystical Aim-chan

The size seems to be just right for me ^ ^

It’s a good tavern for my uncle.

But can two women, or come in a couple, even one person

Lots of different customers.



It’s a leisurely time… just outside the city.

It was nice to have a space not to feel it.

My mother says “Take it slow”!

On weekdays, I don’t have a body.

I will return quietly.

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Store name Public Tavern Takeyama
Address 2-2 Asahidori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo
Phone No private
Opening hours: 16:30-22:00 days holidays and Sundays are unknown
Closed Thursday

Transportation approx. 10 minutes walk from Hanshin Sannomiya Station
Eating log

Takeyama ( Izakaya / Sannomiya Station (Kobe Shin-Kotsu), Sannomiya station (JR))

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