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Tanto @ Amagasaki Tsukaguchi Spaghetti Specialty Store Hankyu Tsukaguchi shining brightly Town 2nd Street

Tanto @ Amagasaki Tsukaguchi Spaghetti Specialty Store Hankyu Tsukaguchi shining brightly Town 2nd Street

Please, push… two… please.
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I didn’t want to come.

It is famous for the spaghetti specialty at Tsukaguchi at the shop of 34 years since its founding in 1978.

The angle of the stew curry is also doing the shop which was UP the other openness

From some respected people

It is difficult to be raised hurdle W but please understand that such hurdles can only penetrate

This is an old shop, right next to you.


There is a wide-eyed shop.

It’s always lined up, but I’ve put it together.

It was a hot day.
One woman or a couple,

I feel like I’m being loved by the locals!

What’s the matter?

I’ve been wondering before you come.

I also care about the tomato sauce of shrimp.

I was wondering about spaghetti with a duet and a lot of shrimp and clams.


The order will come when you ping pong with the guy who pushes like a family restaurant

I think it’s good to drink appetizers, but I feel like I can’t eat it.

I like the visisoise.


What should we do

Excuse me, beer.

I made spaghetti with sea urchin and salmon roe.

I did not win the temptation of the appearance. I’ll have the shrimp and clams next time.



It looks nice.

The shades of sea urchin and salmon roe stimulate your appetite.


Spaghetti flavored with garlic butter

It is said that it Chillin’


Because I did not expect the sea urchin so much, bitterness is such a thing…

I think that it is better to use this uni in the sauce.

It looks nice, but I’ve asked for it.

After all, the shrimp seems to have a good meal response

The most popular is bacon eggplant, but I do not feel the charm of eggplant


I recommend shellfish and shrimp.

It’s not like it’s so delicious.

This garlic butter sauce is delicious w

I wish I could come close to the temptation of curry.
Do you think pasta is good for you?

I tried to mix and mix

It’s so bitter that it tastes better.



Sometimes it’s good, it’s delicious, spaghetti.

I want to eat a duet and a shrimp tomato next time.

I love the word shrimp.

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Spaghetti Specialty Store Tanto (tanto)
Address 2-1-2-112 Tsukaguchi shining brightly Town 2nd Street, Minami Tsukaguchi-cho, Amagasaki, Hyogo
Phone number 06-6427-8179
Eating logTantoPasta/Tsukaguchi Station (Hankyu)Tsukaguchi Station (JR)

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