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The popular Bar Maru WA (Marukazu) @ gugugu is not good to be fool around heat up the Sakosaka #大阪なんば

The popular Bar Maru WA (Marukazu) @ gugugu is not good to be fool around heat up the Sakosaka #大阪なんば

Very-sorry. Please. I’m depressed on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Today’s quiet word

It is the day of the Amagasaki event. It’s certainly Mukogawa, isn’t it?

It’s a continuation of yesterday’s article .


President and Kawachi are giving us a consultation.

We’ll poke you in the back like a Dragon Quest Patty.


Two pairs x two pair of very good friends and

I’m from my own toothbrush W is a photographer x1 person ^ ^

I’ll be walking tipsy.


Ah ha ~

I stumbled through this shop the other way.

Arrived at the Public Tavern Maruwa (Marukazu)

There’s something different about it.

It is a tavern.






Isami Rock is 580 yen.

I love it.

I’m glad you have a lot of high values.


Once again

Did you take them? Really?

It’s a bit of a… more Gudagada from now.


Hotalica Sumiso



Camera training Session

You want to touch the camera when you get drunk? They’re all very fragile.

Curious to see a great camera w

I’ll make a photo look later

Kawachi-San has also been completed W


UWA No Tenko

Do you eat hare?

I feel like I ate one, but the taste is unknown.


Marukazu Special Tonkatsu

I don’t think I’m eating this.

At this stage this comes in! There are terrible people.


They’re all chokete.

A little

A little

It’s too much. ^;)… Sickness is wake up…;)

It’s like that.

It is a combustion acceleration system that the limiter is off.

It’s a mess.

And it’s a good feeling, but the president is president, so it’s a model for students.

Do you drink water?!

So I’m going to have a good drink

That? After all, it was different


Drink liquor like water

He’s a horrible person. He drinks twice as much.

My body is a dinosaur twice as much as mine. Am I a dwarf? W

I’m a good person to prepare for Gonzalessa.


Marbo Tofu

Especially inside W with a smile!

And ended up eating





I got one more! Huge

It’s a refill, W.

Everyone has a good character.

I’m a quiet character

I hear it’s too violent.

“Chantosinai, Chantositekdasai” Hear The Voice of heaven

Quiet, right?



This is the guy I asked for.


I’m addicted to you recently.

Did he do that?

I love you.


Recommended Cold Wine

The last train seems to be close.

I refill here.


President and Kawachi are waving at the other side of the home.

Ah ~ The people who are very fragile ~

Thank you. Please invite us again!

Store name general public Bar Marukazu (Marukazu, ○ Kazu, ○ WA)

Address 14-26 Aburatani Higashi Bldg. 1F, Namba Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka

Phone number 06-6645-4351

Business hours 17:00 ~ Next 5:00

Closed daily


Eating log General bar Maruwa ( izakaya / Namba Station (Nankai) , Kintetsu Nihonbashi Station, Nihonbashi station )

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

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