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There is a terrible procession and Cospa in the alley which passed through the Cominginhand over fist Yokocho in Osaka New World @ Ya hormone pot

There is a terrible procession and Cospa in the alley which passed through the Cominginhand over fist Yokocho in Osaka New World @ Ya hormone pot

Can you push?
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It’s already my birthday.
It is a child indefinitely while saying such a thing. I need to be strong.

It’s a hot summer day…

There is a hormone pot store that can matrix

The skewer and the general of the shop told me before…

It was so lonely that I couldn’t go anymore because it was so popular and not lined up.

It is a shop of the high score by eat.

In this alley…


~ ~ ~ ~

This is twelve O’Clock (noon) open.

It’s not twelve o’clock yet.

I don’t know, but I did it 10 to 15 minutes ago.

I was lined up, so let’s do it.
It was so hot…

The fan also breaks the trap

The bones are broken by one.


It’s a pot that doesn’t finish eating!

The strange old man who came alone when the person in the shop came to hear the order to go sideways

“I’m next! .

I was able to enter the good thing…

A lot of time in the shade, but in the heat, yes.

It’s Batta.


I finally put it to eat!!!

Indeed, the raw is not doing now.
The Living Sen is unknown


Came hormone pot


This style

Hormones are very beautiful.

I’m going to do something fresh like this.

I’ve been through a lot, but I’m still

I can’t stand it, so I’m hungry.


In Sumiso

It looks like the sumiso of this.
It’s a beam.

The pot was boiling, too.




I’ve never eaten this place before.

Soy sauce with a modest sweetness.

It’s delicious again.


It’s the moment when you feel good in line.


The hormone leaves a good fat in the soup.
I love summer pot.

From regular people, stewed stew and order flies

I’m not worried about it.

Please be a hormone stew here, too


Hormones, hu and green onions.
It is boiled firmly in the soup of the soy sauce victory and the taste is ingrained here, too

It’s kind of plain mouth again.

If you eat a pot after eating something, I feel unsatisfactory.

It is a Chinese ball (Chinese soba) that I want to eat even a stomach.

It’s normal, but it won’t be a meal or a deadline.

The noodles are sold at 150 yen and Mon ^ ^ Sanwa. It’s important.

I feel that the udon ratio was higher, so I might be better at udon.

Honestly, I don’t want to come all the way.

It’s so cheap!

Let’s imitate it this coming.

I think that it is better to come here with one or two people.

It seems that the table does not open easily when it is a group.

The shop is a hormone pot. ・Hormone-udon/hormone stew
Address 1-17-10 Sanno, Nishisei-ku, Osaka
Phone number 06-6647-5992
Eating logA storeHormone/Zoo Mae StationMinami-Kasumi-machi stationShin-Imamiya Station

I left the store and walked a little cominginhand over fist Alley


I’m going to play shogi and go
I want to do a smart ball, but I don’t have time.

Where is it, and when can you do it?


Oh ~ ~ ~ I like to be gentle to your favorite shop that comes out in Rin-Chie

Oh, no.

The song was listened to…

Whoa, hat’s cool.

I’m not going to be a foot slipper palm finger


The last thing I wanted to do was get a little coin.

The old man’s face (^_^;)

I’m going to forget that face… weep.

If you listen to the song excessively

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