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This person and this place if you taste the Pine Sushi @ Sushi 3 Oji-cho Abeno-ku from Kitabatake station on the Osaka Sakai Electric gauge Kamimachi Line

This person and this place if you taste the Pine Sushi @ Sushi 3 Oji-cho Abeno-ku from Kitabatake station on the Osaka Sakai Electric gauge Kamimachi Line

Sushi-chestnut-two places every day please.

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Today’s quiet word

It is a long story ago

There was sushi that I wanted to bite even if money was unreasonable.

It’s the most ate sushi restaurant in Osaka Sushi, and the sushi restaurant that I love the best.

The teacher admitted that the taste was amazing

So, for me, it’s a way of lining up with a mentor .

What the…

It is the pine sushi.

And the three of us going together!


Such a first-class sushi restaurant, the relationship of my allowance, I do not even once a year,

I do not want to remove the one time absolutely.

It’s the best proof you’ve been through so many times.

As I said, there is something that people like to attend many times.

I might have a lot of cheap and fun.

This is delicious, customer service and idea

Is it a complete shop?

That’s why I wanted to go too far.

I don’t feel like talking about sushi… it’s all delicious.

Please look at the photo.

I leave the story to the next person.




I will make it from sashimi. 」

“Abalone sashimi is not good. 」


The Nikogori of Yuba.

I’m coming soon.

Melts ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m hungry. It’s delicious.


Did you make the cue?


Did you make it?

I just forgot;)


Toro’s Making


Bonito Mountain Hanging


Sumiso a small pillar

The texture is interesting.

The teacher next door tells me a lot about “there is one device.”

I’m going to be excited.

I am stupid and ignorant.


Sea urchin and Karaksumi

Sweet ~ ~ ~ ~

It is a sea-gall. Unlike the cheap stuff I eat,

No miscellaneous taste (oh yes W)

The moist texture of the

“A cold drink.” Thank you for your recommendation. 」


Grilled Chicken


I’ll be very glad to see you.

I’m going to have to go W


Cold Wine Proceeds

Oh my!

But I have only a few pictures of sake

By chance, it overlaps by coincidence.

It is said that they were off-board with both of them at the beginning of this year.

Shoulder failure and Pain Overcoming committee is the blog is Hachibei, it happens to appear with his wife.
(↑ Now is a eating blog W)

Today’s teacher next door is a little tired. Lol


I who was drunk gave it to Mr. Hachibei.

I guess I did a lot of things.

There are some memory puzzles out there.

I’m sorry. m (__) m (. _;)


I want to see Toro’s skin in sweet and spicy style.

This is a little weak for me.

I was eaten by to slow down.

Can you hold it soon?



A silly horse


The trout.

This is so

The taste and aroma change!

I’m mixed more biting the turtle, but I wonder ~

The beginning and the end of chewing really taste and smell

Amazing. This is general.


Blue Shell Leaf

The smell of the tide is so fine



A string and a cucumber roll?

I’m not good at cucumbers. W


Great Toro

Melts is no longer, duh!

It’s delicious.


Freshwater Mussels



It is the fry of the sea bream.

Is Haruko a sly girl?




Filefish Liver

I don’t know, but is this filefish to sleep?

Do not talk because I do not understand (let’s do it W)


Also I ordered a large toro ~ W


At the stake

Spread in the mouth-overflowing

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


We also toasted toro.

This is also in my mouth again!

I’m making a noise.



I want to eat something suddenly shrimp-chan

Purin Purin


They have an egg



The head of the dance was left.

I’m good.

At last



Steamed egg custard.


Oh, I was so fluent!


You can’t do that, do you? You’re eating too much w

I eat so much and it is about 24,000 yen for two people!

Becker It’s delicious.

Great Teacher Mr. Ma-kun Thank you very much.

It was a coincidence.

Mr. Hachibei Thank you. It was planned . It was-sorry to say no to the master .


Shop name Matsu Sushi

Address 3-13-7 Oji-cho, Abeno-ku, Osaka

Phone number 06-6622-5723

Business hours 11:30 ~ 13:30 17:00 ~ 22:00

Closed Monday (next day if national holiday)

Map Http://

About 10 minutes on foot from Kitabatake station on the subway Midosuji line, 20-30 minutes walk from Showa-machi station
Eating log Matsuzushi ( sushi / kitabatake Station, Higashi Tengachaya station , Himematsu station )

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

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