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What happens if you enjoy all you can eat in the shop? Limited time

What happens if you enjoy all you can eat in the shop? Limited time

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Today’s quiet word

Kindness and care to direct mail is unbearable feeling. I think I met a good man.

I also W-bad luck

The police have no need to eat about 90 minutes 2500 yen in Japan

This is

Adults 1980 yen in 90 minutes a small person 500 ~ yen is a very reasonable crab eat unlimited

Japan one is here.

I’m going to the TV station. Here’s the blog.

It’s a remote place! ^;)

It is a factory of Naruo beach in the CRAB CLUB restaurant.

Kaiseki Cuisine Shop

(In a specialty restaurant or a studio in Nishinomiya shop , or a shop in the Kawanishi one warehouse in the Kyoto style or authentic)

It is a fisheries company that has been served a viking shop ( Kishiwada store , Nishi Kunyang shop ), and this factory

It is possible to eat at the basic Saturday and Sunday Limited.

Hanshin by train to Koshien station, about 15 minutes from there by Hanshin bus

※ Bus is out from Hanshin Koshien Station and JR Koshien exit. Because there are a lot of numbers from these two stations, the best

It is a quite disturbing. From the familiar Narohama Stadium (the stronghold of the two troops) in the Hanshin Tigers

Maybe ten minutes on foot.

In front of the stadium, Narohama Rinkai Park, and I think it’s pretty close.

A driver is needed for such a remote W



It is not related to the factory area, but there is a land of the edge. I miss you.

There are several parking lots. Anyone who drinks will find a driver.



The inside is a tent. The match is good in short-sleeved shorts W

I think that it is good that the seat enters the entrance immediately.

It’s a hot, hot, and it’s a caution here.


There are many kinds of things.

But I don’t eat a lot of things.

Eat crabs. They are fluent


Snow Crab for crab pot

I have a leg and a stomach. The cheap translation wants you to eat this belly and you’ll notice later



King Crab for grilling

I had a little leg, but it was taken first.


It’s pretty big! Crab’s legs


It’s done.

Real food…


This price is absolutely good!

No mistake

Remote Burns


I try to take such a classic photo, busy busy no trap


It’s fried crab tempura.

There was a gezo next to me.




It seems that the timing of the grilled crab is just right.

Factory Crab Pro says

I’m going to help ^ ^


I’m fluent.

But I might have gotten bored… but I want to eat miso.

That’s why I don’t have such luxury.

I drank only one beer. I was sweating desperately

Silence Of course


Steamed crab Also


It’s going to take a while.

I don’t have any strength anymore… actualy ate.

Finally, porridge is indispensable.


I reflected later that it was good when the soup was too much boiled and poured water.

Do you accumulate?


It’s delicious ~ The thick soup of the crab is ingrained in the rice ~


Loving, I ate so much that I thought my stomach had cracked.


It’s somen.

Because it was prepared at the end of the time

I didn’t eat it, but

OPEN soon, you will be able to extend the time that you are not prepared to cook.

I eventually stretched it to about 110 minutes (+ 20 minutes).

Let’s be the only big possibility to get stretched

You might want to make a reservation.


No more.

At the end, I ate crab, which I felt like a crab-kama,

There are a heap of crab shells in the trash cans.

Did you eat crab meat? I ate that much. Tired.

But now I will eat again…


There’s another charge here. Shrimp, oysters, big clam, charms!


It is early in June, so if you go early,

And, it is a start from September 29 of Autumn also rest in summer.


At the entrance, the processed food of the seafood is sold, and it can be bought without eating it.





The Tigers den (Tigers den) professional baseball Hanshin Tigers 2 Army (
The base of the Western League.


Oh, it was a lunch break.

I rent only the restroom and return.

It was a hot day. Loving.


The factory here, I ate a lot, but without a nasty face

The correspondence is an amateur smell because it is not a shop, but I was able to have a very favorable impression

It was a food fighter with too much beer.

I can do it.

But I ate enough to not break my stomach.

Company name Co., Ltd. Factory Shop Nario Hama special venue (Kawamura Fisheries Co., Ltd.)
Address 1-6-28 Nario Hama, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo
Tel. 0120-67-4031/0798-47-4449

Business hours 11:00 ~ 19:00 (entrance until 17:30)

Closed on Saturdays and Sundays only

Parking lot Available

Map Http:// Getting there Http://

Transportation from Hanshin Koshien to Naruo Beach by Hanshin Bus
Home page

Rakuten Market Http://

Eating log

Kobo Nario Beach Special Venue (Other pot (other)/ Mukogawa Gawa complex mae station )

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

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