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【 Aqua Park Shinagawa 】 (Apr, 2019)

【 Aqua Park Shinagawa 】 (Apr, 2019)

Today’s photo is too. After exploring the building I introduced last time, I watched the aquarium “Aqua Park Shinagawa” in front of Shinagawa station. I’ve taken pictures and videos, so I’ll introduce them to you.


[Official Website]

【 Venue 】 Aqua Park Shinagawa * may change with naming rights
【 Nearest 】 Shinagawa Station
* Please check the official website for business hours and maps.

[Viewing time required]
About 1 hour 30 minutes

It was very crowded and everywhere I went. It is very popular though the admission fee is quite high.

Well, this aquarium is located in Shinagawa Prince Hotel in front of Shinagawa, and was bearing the name of Epson for a while at the opening of 2005 “Epson Shinagawa Aqua Stadium”, the name “Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa” after the renewal of 2015. However, after the period of naming rights expired in 2016 and became “Aqua Park Shinagawa”, Maxell was named “Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa” with a three-year contract in 2017. At least 2019 has become the name of Maxell (may change) by the way, there are people who misunderstand “Shinagawa aquarium” because it is in front of Shinagawa station, but it becomes another facility. Well, the name is complicated aquarium W
The inside of the hotel is a little outdoors, but it is almost an indoor exhibition, and you can watch the dolphin show. Because a variety of techniques and gimmicks were used, I will introduce the details using the photograph.

First of all, when you exit the entrance, there is the attraction of the pirate ship. W Aquarium? I agree with those who say W
This was a separate fee from the entrance fee. I guess it’s because there are not many children who ride less than 120cm.

There’s even a merry-go-round.
This was the theme of the sea creatures. The rotation is quite fast, but children can enjoy it if parents are attached.

After that, it is the exhibition area of the fish at last. The surface of this aquarium was a touch panel.
The explanation of the fish can be read when this is manipulated. The world’s first try is quite interesting but this area is going to be a corner of digital production and renewed in summer 2019.

The corner which arranged the water tank like the atrium in this area
There are a lot of modest fish in this area as the aquarium is less.

The place where you can see the Coral Cafe Bar is the food and drink corner
It sells alcohol, and the price is not so high. However, I was not able to sit down and drink, and since I had not been in the library yet, I did not.

There is a coral corner next to the Coral Café Bar as its name suggests.
Coral was a hard image, but it was wavering in the water. A fantastic sight.

Is this sea anemone?
This is interesting because there is no chance to see it very carefully.

Then there is the jellyfish corner.
There is a jellyfish in this emitting tube which is quite full of people.

This is a jellyfish with long legs.
The light is applied to increase the illusion. There was a graceful, like dancing.

This is a dense jellyfish.
There are various kinds, and the shape is different even if it is said that it is a jellyfish in the mouthful.

Sometimes the color changes and the impression looks different.
I like jellyfish so I enjoyed this corner quite a bit.

There is a pool for the show which can be seen from the big “the stadium” 360 degrees wherever you go.
It seems that there are about seven or eight times a day. Are the dolphins going out in shifts?

A big feature of this show is that the water splash of the dolphin flies to the seat ahead. It can fly not exaggerated even if it is said that the whole body is soaked.
As a countermeasure, I was selling a vinyl poncho at 100 yen. Because it is not so large, I can not cover to the foot and was wet somewhat because I am height of 180cm… W

I have taken the video so much trouble.

[Play in high quality]

Aqua Park Shinagawa _ Dolphin Show

It was worth having gone to see only this by a splendid art on lovely. The water curtain and other technologies were also used to boost it.

After the show, the visitors were rushing to the exhibition, so I dared to watch them from the last one.

This is otter.
There were two, and somehow I was tussle in two animals W

I also tried to take a video.

[Play in high quality]

Aqua Park Shinagawa _ Otter

It is a pretty face although it is not possible to discriminate to me whether it is a fight of Gachi or the plays fit.

There is also a corner of the penguin in front of the otter tank.
There are a variety of penguins, including the Cape Penguin and the King Penguin. I couldn’t stay long in the crowd, but I wanted to watch it…

There was also a corner, such as the Capybara Asian jungle near this.

Next, this is wonder tube. It is a underwater tunnel of 20m in length.
It is a fun place to see the way that the manta rays pass directly above though it is not easy to walk in the crowded as it is too dangerous here.

There was a chin Anago (Pyanago) a little earlier.
It is a very popular person now.

I tried to take a chin anago.

[Play in high quality]

Aqua Park Shinagawa _ ching-Anago

It was a spectacle such as the aquarium because it was a bear flea.

Finally, the fish in the coral of Okinawa, such as Hangoi.
The color and the shape are beautiful fish, and it is called “Juliguaille” (prostitute) in Okinawa.

There is also an outdoor corner called friendly square, where you can see the performance of fur seal and penguins. I gave up because the congestion Buri was not unusual here… W

So, it had become a popular aquarium more than expected. Honestly, I think that there were not many kinds of fish, but I think that it is attractive to be able to watch the dolphin show in the center of the center of the city with some popular people like penguins and otter. It was impressive to have a lot of trial and error incorporating new technologies.

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