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1st Tachibana Stanpval (Tachibana Fall Festival) @ Amagasaki JR Tachibana Area

1st Tachibana Stanpval (Tachibana Fall Festival) @ Amagasaki JR Tachibana Area

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-Sorry the picture is dirty

When I look at Amagasaki Yokocho yesterday,

This time, such an event (Tachibana Fall Festival) is I got a flyer.

It’s not my territory,

I’m glad you don’t have a ticket.


There’s no residents here!

Healthy Matsuri in nun blooms 2011
Place Healthy Plaza
Time 10:00 ~ 16:00

Gradually market
Location Tachibana Joytown

Hours 11:00 ~ 16:00

Tachibana Stanpval

Location around Tachibana

/> Time varies by shop



It seems to be able to get 500 yen ticket when the stamp is gathered around 5 hotels.

It is a good system.

The number of hotels is still Adrian for the first time, so why not take the ticket system?

I can’t read how much money we attract.

I think the shop is hard to do

I’m glad to be a customer.

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