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2011 11/23 Amagasaki-Yokocho (Yatai) Anniversary commemorative @ Sanwa Market #尼崎 #amagasaki

2011 11/23 Amagasaki-Yokocho (Yatai) Anniversary commemorative @ Sanwa Market #尼崎 #amagasaki

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We went to the event to revive the atmosphere of the postwar black city in the information of the other day

Hanshin Amagasaki to disseminate information, sense of Mission Bud W

It is propaganda for the future without permission.

But I can only take pictures..;)

-Sorry ahead

Here is the shopping district of the Hanshin Amagasaki

I think that it is the biggest downtown area in the city of Nun’s shopping street and the market.

It has become a part of the life of Auntie Hanshin Nun.

A part of a group of shops crossing to the east and south between the Hanshin Amagasaki mansion

There is an old-fashioned market called the Sanwa market in existence.

I have been supporting the food of the residents at low cost and purchase of the restaurant,

I think that the market of this place was supported by me.

The aging of the shopkeepers and the customer’s market away, a major supermarket of good advance,

It is so lonely now that I have become less and fewer shops…

Yes, in my memory, the crowded market where many people come and come 30 years ago is not far from my head.

I want you to endure in the shop by all means.

I want you to recall the lively atmosphere of this market.

I recognize that it is an event with such a Wish without permission.

In the city’s largest market, stalls are held at night once a month.

Because the day is short in winter, it seems to be around 16:00 to 21:00.

It’s probably less recognition.

There are still fewer customers.

The menu is from 100 to 300 yen.


It’s not such a crowd.

I guess the name of the shop is on your own like W fun

The Kansai University Mitani Seminar also has five booths, and it seems to support it, and it is a cultural festival more and more.
The yakitori of her.

Amagasaki soup Shokai?

I saw this one somewhere. I’m sure you loved Okonomiyaki when you were little.
I don’t remember that fragrance, but I’ve done okonomiyaki.

Oh, so you’re going to sell minesteone?

It seems to be doing the fortune telling. I don’t know the world of Nail art or dee jewelry art.


Sake, cocktails and beer

Mulled wine! It’s amazing. Does that exist?

Domestic!!!! Beef steak with bone and frank

This is the butcher’s who seems to have been.

Uncle who sells Shuriken! Because it is not easy to approach a little, distance;)

Yukiyaki Shokudo Salt Mein

NPO Riru-ju? I do not know something good, or accessories?


A good smile mosaic of Nissin tempura shop is a waste w
New noodle, tempura, egg-grilled funny combination


The water dumplings are also sold by the student’s hard work.

These both of you are college students.

Salt pot.

Thank you so many times for your voice.

I was quite attracted to it, but I’m sorry.


Hormone-grilled buckwheat noodles

Everyone is a piece to turn the camera and smile.

Do you eat lightly, first


A cocktail at the Q Club, Gin tonic.

And hormones yakisoba, 200 yen


In the place of the brother of the salt pot earlier
I made a promise.

It was a dashing buddy. I miss the momentum when I was young lol

I’ve been in the eye for a long time. One Wagyu steak 300 yen left of me,

After the side of the line, whoa-chan stares at the meat.


I like the food stall W


I’ve been in the neighborhood for about a year now, but… my first impression was
The shop, the seat, the shop, and staggered lined up to make the place where it eats in front of the shop (stall), and the guest is a stall village more

I think I can feel the atmosphere-I miss eating at the end of the alley.

It would be best if you could use the whole market to a wide range, but there are still so few people.

Is it difficult to put out a shop? I wonder if the other side of the market is different?

I wonder if you need something that will not get tired of the customers have been a long time

If there is a stall about 20 ~ 30, even if you do not sell the same thing, something unusual sticking to the taste!

If the committee members look at it, I want you to take it in. m (__) m

There is no way to say it without permission.

But the continuation is power and is my weakest thing, but this is important.

If you have more awareness, you can have a lot of shops and even better events!

It’s fun to come and visit us. M (__) m

It is the Amagasaki Yokocho anniversary which was also recorded in meets . The bustle of former here!

Amagasaki Yokocho Blog

Access this blog

It seems to be inviting a wide variety of stores in the genre

You can participate in the SAG, right? The opening fee is like 1000 yen first.

Contact: Machizukuri company TMO Amagasaki TEL06-6411-4300

I tried;) to do a word.

The next Amagasaki-Yokocho Tiger Hole (in the Sanwa market) will be held.

December 17, 2011 (Saturday) 18:00 ~ 22:00
Science Tavern in Japan

The original child monster Dr. Ichiro Harasaka
Comedy talk show Ah

January 21, 2012 (Saturday) 18:00 ~ 22:00

Young General Tavern

Singer-songwriter Mr. Ji

The above is likely to be changed due to schedule and circumstances.

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