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(3) Hanshin Amagasaki eaves The hormone eating walk @ Domestic Beef Hormone Specialty Store

(3) Hanshin Amagasaki eaves The hormone eating walk @ Domestic Beef Hormone Specialty Store

Two places are more likely to increase the update. W

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Today’s quiet word

Hanshin Amagasaki Hormone Special feature last time W

This is different from the last shop

It is a shop which began to sell the hormone in a comparatively new eaves.

The difference between the two other shops is Wagyu.

Cow Cow ~ ~ ~ W

In Amagasaki, the current store is famous for the hormone that says Mr. and is moving to Sanwa moto-dori

It’s a very cool sign.

In the Sanwa market of old stores, I used to buy a lot. ^ ^




I wanted to come from the front.

The manager is becoming a reader.

So it was also good to visit here.

I’m in the way of your busy

But the assessment will leave I feel please m (__) m


So-and-so!!! This is the purpose!

It’s a domestic wagyu hormone.

I think 100g200 yen is cheap.

I would definitely buy this price???

Your brother with black spotted glasses.

I said, “I’m going to put a little bit more.”

Thank you.

The original hormone Grill

It looks so yummy. W

It is a pity that there is no place to eat a little.

Oh ha (^_^;) Alley…

And I should have brought a beer.

This taste is really wasteful.


Inside, there are hormones, senmai, tsu, Pork heart, Mino, Hachianos, and whatnot.

It is very fragile. I love to enjoy various things.

Is it finished with the sauce of the special yakiniku of the cage here?

Really delicious!

The article is high spirits.

It’s chewy, but not too hard.

I understand it is fresh well.

So far, I’m honestly sorry I didn’t expect M (__) m

It is not compared with the hormone of the pig.

Compared with the Cospa, surely

Hanshin Amagasaki national team.. .

When I came here, there was something that I remembered.

3-point Smoked car set

Three types are set.

Smoked that sold out recently


Smoked pork heart from left, smoked liver, smoked halami


I’ll do it with red wine ^ ^


Left Lever,

Inside, Halami,

Right, pork heart.

I cut it half for the time being.


Pork heart’ll try.

This is delicious! There is no habit, and the pork heart of chewing is left.

Because there is no smell like pork heart, it will be easy to eat even those who dislike hormones.


The next is smoked lever.

This is a sticky texture of the lever,

It’s going to be good.

Because there is somewhat a lever smell, likes and dislikes are divided,

I was fine.


Finally smoked Harami

Is it a secret home-made sauce? Sweet taste and fragrant aroma

The sauce of this place after all though there is no habit because it is a Halami

All three are delicious, seasoning is a little more dense, but may be good for you,

I feel the taste of the meat, and it is a pickle condition.

Yukke, a beef shop and a tavern.

The butcher shop is also serious.

I love meat, I love hormones, and I support meat without permission.

There was tasting in front of the shop

If you are interested, please let me taste “smoked!” 」

Let’s say to the shop.

Hormones by five o’clock!!!!!

Domestic cattle Hormone specialty stores

Variety Meat Basket Moto

Address 2-44-2 Kanda Minami-Dori, Amagasaki, Hyogo

Phone number 06-6413-2901

Business Hours 8:00 ~ 18:00

Closed on the day of the month ※ if there is a change in IRREGULAR Tel confirmation required

Transportation 7-minute walk from Hanshin-Deyashiki station 15-minute walk from Hanshin Amagasaki Station in Amagasaki Sanwa shopping street
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Eating log domestic cattle hormone specialty stores (Other/ Deyashiki station , Amagasaki Station (Hanshin) )

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

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