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After drinking before drinking try the paella drink @ Ripre

After drinking before drinking try the paella drink @ Ripre

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I love medicine of stomach and liver system.

Stomach medicine is interesting because stomach is weak

The liver, I think a little because I like sake and do not labor soon. (^_^;)

Because there is not nearly a rest liver day, I am anxious extra.

So this time, I tried to recruit a monitor from myself.

Won the first Ripre to apply!

It’s just good to be invited off-board


It’s like you can drink first.

It looks like it’s good.

This time I’ll try ahead.

In taste, it is not a nutritional drink, but with a pine taste close to the juice

Sweet and easy to drink!

It’s a little too sweet.

My impression of the nutritional drink is my favorite.


I was drinking too much.

The next day

The body is always barrels

Did you drink this this time?

I’m lazy, but I feel like I can wake up ^ ^

Is it a matter of mood???

Because I think it is quite dangerous to be aware of the condition of the liver,

It feels like it’s working without knowing.

I have seen this new drink in the duo,

I think that I try occasionally in the future because I return easily.

How about a cherry blossom viewing, farewell party, and one before and after the welcome party drinking party?

Hepalyse W product information is here!

Ripre Monitor/Ripre campaign to participate in the project

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