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After the fire, the business is undecided: blown Don Fugu-do @ 980 yen! #阪急十三

After the fire, the business is undecided: blown Don Fugu-do @ 980 yen! #阪急十三

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Just push it, and thank you very much in the tension rises.
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人気ブログランキングへStreet Food/>ブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ/> B class Gourmet

It is a season when I miss a hot spring.

The neck is different, and the neck does not bend and sweat

I miss Hot springs more and more

I feel aging.

Now to the chase ^ ^

I was anxious for a while ago.

I don’t expect it to be what it is, but usually it’s a staple price of 1980 yen or cheaper.

That’s 980 yen.

It will be the only visit because it is the main blog to look for delicious cheap hehe

It is a quiet bf of the party mood at any time W

Immediately turn right at Hankyu Juso station West exit.

Double Trade name Shop

From the table, a popular tavern called Blown Don, from the back, Blowfish cooking Blowfish

I put it from either.

You can ask for both dishes,

It is passed to the seat with the stove if it clicks.

The hot water came out. Wow, this is enough.


This is cut chunks.

The cut chunks is wrapped in Chinese cabbage.

This is delicious. The cost performance is good! 1180 yen I can understand.

However, because it is hard to eat, I worry about eating

Is it correct to pour the ponzu from the top?

The atmosphere of the shop is the main side of the tavern, and the seat of the izakaya is quite packed.

The small fin has two pieces of 680 yen, compared to other prices, I feel high.

But we are indispensable as the aim of the shop.


When I wrestle with cut chunks, it seems to be ready for the Click (Fugu pot) already.

It’s like a tower!

It makes me happy just by looking at it. It’s exciting.

I’m not taking pictures in the pot.

The body of the Blowfish does not feel a little, but is convinced by the price

It is delicious when I eat while talking Waiwai

I enjoyed the Fugu no No.

I was too satisfied with the words as usual.

Yes, I was porridge.

In a quiet house lesson, Ponzu is absolutely put. Individually adjusted.

My stomach is full. Sweat

I’m not tired of hanging around and hungry.


Izakaya Menu can be ordered

If you do not have a pot, you can also order a kettle or a bath from the tavern.


Fugu Don Blown Don


Are you going to take it to the new Year Koicha?


Popular Izakaya blown Don

A fish wholesaler, fugu fugu
Address 1-2-6 Tomitsumachi, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka

Phone number 06-6885-3133
/> Open 24 hours

Regular Holiday (check-in for New Year’s holidays)

Blown Don Fugu ( Izakaya / Juso station )

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