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Belgium Royal Museum Collection “Belgium History of Modern painting”, Sompo Japan Museum of Art, Seiji Togo

Belgium Royal Museum Collection “Belgium History of Modern painting”, Sompo Japan Museum of Art, Seiji Togo

The other dayI have seen Belgium Museum of Illusion in Bunkamura., But I also had an interest in Belgium art, so I went to see the Belgium the Royal Museum Collection “Ayumi Belgium Modern Paintings”, which also contains Belgium titles.


【 Exhibition name 】
The Belgium Royal Museum Collection “The History of Belgium modern painting”

[Official Website]

【 Venue 】 Sompo Japan Museum of Art, Seiji Togo
(The Tokyo venue is a Sompo Japan Museum of Art and insurance, but it seems to have already been touring many. )

【 Nearest 】 Shinjuku Station
Date: September 12 (Sat)-November 29 (Sun), 2009
* Please check the official website for business hours, closed days, maps and patrols.
※ The photograph was taken with a compact digital camera.

[Appreciation time required (my pace)]
About 1 hour 45 minutes

[Crowded condition and congestion situation (Sunday around 15:00)]
Congestion _1_2_ 3 _ (4) _5_ comfortable

[Work Fulfillment]
Insufficient _1_2_ (3)

Easy to understand
Arcane _1_2_ 3 _ (4) _5_ clear

[Total Satisfaction]
(4) _5_ satisfaction with dissatisfaction

This exhibition is “The Walking of the Belgium”, and there are a lot of paintings of the painter of the Belgium, and there was usually a picture of the France, and there was a aspect “Belgium Royal Museum of Art Collection” certainly as an element. It was arranged in the order of history, so I introduce the work which I liked in each chapter this time.

Chapter 1 from the Barbizon sect to the Telvieux Renen: The origins of Impressionism >
I did not think that I would start from the Barbizon sect when I came to the Belgium exhibition, but this area is an important flow in western painting, so I guess I’ll end up with history and nature.

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Colaud, “The Sèvres of the Highlands and the fenced pasture”
It is a picture that the cow and the person are relaxing in the farmland of the hill. There is a fence in the pasture Street as the title, but a little narrow w background was a refreshing feeling spreads the landscape with a good vantage.
In addition to this, there was a picture around the swamp called “Memories of Funpu Swamp and Dawn”, but it was similar to the picture seen in the Koroe exhibition. A series of memories.

The view of Dinant
It depicts the scenery of the river. The river has a powerful Rocky mountain like an island. The brush was fine, but I felt majestic from the sky and the Rocky Mountain which I took greatly.

“The Mass of St. Hubert” by Ippolito Boune
It is a picture depicting the church and the people who gather there, and the lake is drawn to the left. But the church and people seemed not to be the main characters, and the faces of the people were simplified. The main character of this painting was a commentary of “Autumn” scenery itself, and I thought indeed.

Camille van Kamp, “The Forest of Fontainebleau, the Rock of Kava”
The landscape in Fontainebleau, on the outskirts of Barbizon village, depicts a rock. Is it a hippo shape? It is a mystery w the Red Moss was riding on the rock. The attitude that loves nature has been transmitted.

Theodor Rousseau “The Edge of the forest”
It depicts the sky dyed with the Akane color and the dark forest to the right. The forest was a sacred feeling, dark yet finely and powerfully drawn. It was a work that felt respect for nature.

Chapter 2 from the Belgium realism to Impressionism >
This corner is a corner name like the history of European painting, but I also enjoyed the picture of the Bunkamura and the lops that I had seen in the last.

Alfred Stevance “The dressing of going out”
Japanese umbrellas in the room? A bourgeois-style young woman with a The white and light blue outfits and the pink umbrellas seemed to be getting more graceful. The umbrellas are small and cute.

Henri de Brakeer “inside the water field of Antwerp”
It seems to be influenced by the Flemish painting, and the room and the hallway are drawn in a finely realistic manner. Is the wall on the left a gold tang leather? It is a splendid decoration. Indirect light was inserted from the back corridor, and the expression of the light was wonderful.

Fernan Kunoppov “fossé, fir Tree forest”
There was mystery and tranquility in the works of the fantasy art exhibition, but there is a mysterious silence in this work. This is a picture depicting a forest, and the trees lining up regularly seem to be the pillars of the corridor. The tree leaves are like the ceiling. There was a mysterious illusion that the eyes went to the back to nature and the interior, and there was a vague color, and it was likely to be sucked in the interior of the forest.

Gustave Courbet “Deer hiding place, plaisir-Fontaine Brook”
It seems to have drawn the work of the large screen in the Orsay Museum as a reduced version voluntarily. This picture is a landscape near his hometown Ornan, with three to four deer on the side of a brook. The thick of the surrounding forest was a quiet atmosphere, and the expression of the shadow was beautiful work. At the beginning of this corner, there was an explanation that Courbet drew a natural landscape by saying that he had never seen a winged angel. The work on the big screen explained the innovation of Courbet, a landscape painting that was allowed only for mythology and religious painting.

Felicity Lopes “The Beach”
I was impressed by the erotic and decadent impressions at the fantasy art exhibition, but I was drawing a picture like this!? It was such a bright and light work. It was a feeling of openness as the sandy beach and people were relaxing. This work was drawn for his own pleasure by the painter, and was not exhibited in public. That’s a different style.

3. France impressionist and pure colors >
There were a lot of impressionist works in this corner, but there were some works that I felt Belgium own route.

Guillaume Vogerels “Snowy Night”
It is said that this painter was doing the painting worker until 40 years old. This picture was a fantastic picture coupled with the Snow White, pink and gray but a lot of sky. Light is a subject, and the outline is blurred, but unlike Impressionism, it seems to have wanted to express the sky of the Belgium darker than brightness.

Anna Bock “The shores of Brittany”
It was a picture of a cliff-like picture of Monet’s coast, with a feeling of light hitting a hard-looking rock.

Jenny Montigny “The School of Winter”
I liked this work quite a lot. I mean, this exhibition was a “brilliant principle”, but this artist is one of them. With a lot of children playing, the sky near the sunset and the long shadow of the child invites nostalgia. The face of the child was simplified, and the brush carrying seemed to be early.

James Ansall “Rose Flower” ★ Can be seen here.
This is a picture of this poster.
I saw Ansole at the fantasy art exhibition, but at that time, I received a great image. W However, this is still a life in which the image of Ansole seems to change, and a lot of roses are in the vase. It feels like a mystique in a dream. It looks elegant when I look away, but I felt that I could feel a sense of uniqueness with a unique touch when I watched it nearby. (It might be because I watch it that way W)

The new Impressionism in Belgium >
There seemed to be an art organization called “20 People’s Association” in the Belgium, and it seems to have been introduced by the member to the method of a new impressionist school such as “Sunday afternoon of the Grand Jatt Island” of Surula Belgium. It was also explained that Brussels became the center of the new impressionist school.
Reference:A Sunday afternoon on the Grand Jatt Island of Seurah Wiki

Theo Phil van van Rysselberghe “Walk” ★ Can be seen here.
It is a work that is drawn with a big sketch. Four women were drawn to the right, and the blue-white dress and the color of the sea in the background responded to the refreshing impression.

Chapter 5 Light and Intimacy.
There was a work that liked this corner considerably. There were a lot of pictures of the street although it was explained that Emile Krauss and the brilliant Principle (lminisum) were searching for the expression which increased the presence in light unlike the impressionist school.

Emile Klaus “View of London, winter”
A work depicting a river. The picture itself is shining!? I feel a bright white light. There was a thin white, and the light of the reflection of the water surface was drawn strongly. It is mysterious.

Alberto Barr Tsun “The Night of Ghent”
It depicts a river like a canal. The light in some places reflected on the surface of the water and made a band of vertical light. I feel calm.

Georges Boyce “A pontoon boat on the canal at dawn”
The sky shining in the pale orange and the river reflecting it are drawn. There is a ship in the river, and it is depicted that two birds glide around. The presence of the ship strengthened by the light. Luster is quite good w

Henri Le Sinel “The White Garden of Twilight”
Unlike the title is not white W rather overall is green. A rectangular garden is drawn and it is a work of the pale color use. The atmosphere was as if time had stopped.

Chapter 6: The Fauvism >
The above 20 people’s association broke up, and it seems that the free aesthetics was established in the change, and introduced everything of a new art such as France to the Belgium. There seemed to be a course of the fauvism in that, and there was an explanation that it had accomplished the original development which left the influence of the Flemish painting “Brabant Fauvism” in the Belgium.

Riku Waitels “The Lady of the Blue robe looking in the mirror”
It is a picture depicting the woman who headed for the mirror. I can feel the influence of Cezanne rather than FOV because I can feel the base of the paint leaving, and the picture is geometrical feeling. I wonder if the colors were so vivid.

Jean Vanden Echo “in the garden”
What is this, fauvism? The Impressionist-ish W depicts women and children relaxing in the garden. It was a feeling that emphasized light further. The painting of the lemon of the same painter which had been decorated next door was a style of the feeling that style completely different, and stickily thick.

Pierre Bonard “nude in the retrograde” ★ Can be seen here.
Bonard?? France and Na’vi? I thought that I do not care about the corner is a picture of a nude in the W room, standing in the light that plugs through the window, the presence of the chest and pin is amazing. It was a feeling that the composition and the interior of the room are calculated. This is a good picture obediently.

By the way, it was not only a line of Belgium own, but it was quite interesting because there was also a funny picture like glitter.Bunkamura exhibitionI seem to enjoy it more when I watch it with a set.

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