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Budget 30,000 yen trip to Joshinetsu (11) Gunma Local Gourmet Grilled Manju III @ Mizusawa Kannon

Budget 30,000 yen trip to Joshinetsu (11) Gunma Local Gourmet Grilled Manju III @ Mizusawa Kannon

Mizusawa only eat udon,
Because it is a feeling that I do not pray,
Let’s stop for two and a half years in Mizusawa Kannon.


This place is always crowded with visitors.

It is a daishi remains that has been designated to one of the temple of the Satitong.


Each store of Mizusawa Udon in the neighborhood
The use of water here is defined as a definition,
If you drink this water, you can nod.


Mizusawa Udon is a
I wonder if this water is…

Well, in the approach of this temple,
The grilled Manju of Gunma Specialty
I can get it here.


200 yen per bottle.
Because the finish is burnt neatly by the net
You can eat the savory baked buns.


You may not need a commentary now,
The Baked Manju is
The thing which I baked with miso with the bread…
In the taste, is it fragrant baked miso bread? 、、、


The place is in the temple from the benefit of the Kannon-like,
Even if I eat the baked Manju of other kenmin,
This is the street Pinpin.

Anyway, it is written in the comic book.
What is the source of the story that “other kenmin will die after eating grilled Manju” ❔


It’s fun to peek at the vegetable section of the parking lot.

If you look well, you sell cheap vegetables.

Even so, Gunma is interesting.

The tourist attractions of Ikaho Onsen and Mizusawa Kannon are
A short distance from the hotel town (o ° Д No)

There is such a thing in the tourist area
Maybe it’s just Gunma.

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