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Captain Marvell → Talys Coffee “Peachconfiture Milke”

Captain Marvell → Talys Coffee “Peachconfiture Milke”

Today (a few days ago)

Sendai Parco 2.6, 7-5 Chuo 3-chome, Aoba-ku

To “Toho Cinemas Sendai”あし

To screen threeDASH!

I watched “Captain Marvel (subtitle version)” .

Captain Marvel was too strong & The Avengers/End game with the last of the Nightmare & Avengers/The Inunity War of stability and was feeling to enjoy.


After watching

Sendai Parco 2.1 Floor

To “Tatys Coffee Sendai Parco 2 Store”あし

Order “Peachconfiture Milke (ICE Short)” (490 yen)ビックリマーク

Peach Confiture & whipped cream in royal milk Teaビックリマーク

It was a gentle sweetness and fruity feeling.

It is self-water.


Opening hours are from 8:00.


I forgot, but remember what I bought at the starting salary? What do you want to buy?はてなマーク

▼ Today Limited! Blog Stamps


ラスト・プレゼント [DVD] Last Gift [DVD]

2,680 yen


Thank you very much.真顔

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