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Chin and stewed sauce @ calm cooking

Chin and stewed sauce @ calm cooking

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Man’s cooking, I want to do it very

Let’s try a little hard ^ ^ It’s been a while.

It is a beef stripe stew.

Is it a record that I made it like a recipe?

First, the cattle muscle small piece in the water

Boil and spill.


Caution Repeat the process twice or three times to carefully wash it with water, and then gently rinse it over medium heat.

I’ve been here 25 minutes + 20 minutes or twice, but I verbose.

I think that it is better to change the water three or four times if you like it easily, and to repeat.

I thought I’d be careful about that next time.

This time, it is like Oden, but I also put thick fried and konnyaku.

I just put in what I like.

The fried tofu is made out of oil and the konnyaku is boiled lightly.

Ginger is flushed at first, too.

So I tried using this. Chin!

It is the soup of the Flying fish.

I’m ready to go.


Then, you can taste the flavor of the broth and soy sauce based on the soaking of the ingredients.

Water, soy sauce, sake, chin, sugar, mirin.

I can’t wait any longer.


Sorry, I’m relying on a pressure cooker.

When I put it in a pressure cooker, about five minutes…


Two Hioki fuzz a day more good, taste is good shun ta! is finished well.

Taste, you are good.

The firmness of the streak is just right.

I prefer to lose more fat by boiling down.

When I think about what’s in it, I also say Kanako’s soup

I miss the beef streak of can I smoke ya in Sannomiya Kano-cho -it is good!

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