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Chinese cuisine higashicome @ JR Amagasaki Station Minami

Chinese cuisine higashicome @ JR Amagasaki Station Minami

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At a Chinese restaurant in a long-established town south of JR Amagasaki

I have been eating lunch very exciting.

I like this way!

The exterior of the Showa era of feeling that has become quite deserted?

I do not expect the taste, the hurdle has been drunk.

I enjoy the atmosphere W
I’m hungry.

Chinese noodles and fried rice are the staple.

I’m hanging on desperately.

Like a beast.

Green Fried rice is also very fragile.

The simple

Not bad lol

It’s like this.
The name is gone, and the phone number is still old.


The best location on the south side of the station.

The old town is still…

On the north side is the shopping street cocae.

Fight Swine ~

Chinese cuisine East coming hotels

Address: Amagasaki Mayor Sumoto-dori/> 1-3-1
Phone number 06-6401-9443

Business hours 11:00 ~ 23:00

Closed Thursday

Higashi-Come hotels ( Chinese Restaurant / AMAGASAKI Station (JR) )

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