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Cloisonne-the world of color and miniature-[INAX gallery]

Cloisonne-the world of color and miniature-[INAX gallery]

Pola Museum Annex introduced in the previous articleBefore going to the INAX Gallery, I also went to the “cloisonne-color and fine world”. These two art spaces are just around the corner, so it’s perfect for a ladder. Both are free of charge, but it is important to note that INAX is closed on Sunday holidays. If you look at the map, you will find the Bridgestone Museum of Art, the National Film Center and the Police Museum.


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【 Exhibition name 】
Cloisonne-a world of colors and miniatures-

[Official Website]

Venue INAX Gallery

【 Nearest 】 Ginza Line Kyobashi station Toei Asakusa Line Takaramachi
Date: September 3 (Thu)-November 21 (Sat), 2009
* Please check the official website for business hours, closed days, maps and patrols.

[Appreciation time required (my pace)]
About 0 hours 20 minutes

[Congestion condition (it is around 14:00 on Saturday)]
Congestion _1_2_ 3 _ (4) _5_ comfortable

[Work Fulfillment]
Insufficient _1_2_ (3)

Easy to understand
Arcane _1_2_ 3 _ (4) _5_ clear

[Total Satisfaction]
(4) _5_ satisfaction with dissatisfaction

The exhibition space here is about 15 minutes and there are not a lot of points in the area, but it was interesting enough to think that it was free and the wonderful goods were introduced. There seemed to be a person unexpectedly because the passage was narrow, but it was still about several people.
I have taken some notes, so I will introduce briefly.

Kumeno Taro, “Autumn Flower vase”
I am beating the autumn grass by engraving it in the silver womb. It seems to be painted in layers and it is transparent purple. It was a very luxurious work.

Hayagawa (unknown name) “Kibun Vase”
It is a small, crimson Vase. The Chrysanthemum was drawn, and the transparent feeling had the beauty like the jewel. It is pretty small.

Hayashi Kodenji (three Generations) “Ancient vase”
A vase with a lion and a phoenix. It was beautiful that there were sparkling things like gold powder everywhere. This is that the cuprous oxide is dusted with glaze.

Kozo Kato “Chrysanthemum Incense burner”
It is a incense burner that the technique of “Ministry of the Womb Cloisonne” with extremely transparent feeling is used. A reddish chrysanthemum was drawn in light green. It seems to be a advanced technology, but it is really beautiful.

Shikawa Sosuke “a flower-sentence dish on the moon”
The other day, I saw the work of the same Takakawa Sosuke “Cloisonne Moon night Deep Forest figure” at the Imperial Treasure Exhibition, which is also a painting-like color cloisonne. The impression of the Imperial Treasure ExhibitionHere
In a square dish, a flower such as pink, blue, and yellow is drawn with a pale color. On top of that, I could see a big moon, and it was a elegance atmosphere. The subtlety of the shades was so delicate that I could not seem to be cloisonne.

Shigebei Ando “Grape jar”
The technique to make a three-dimensional pattern is used to put out the board of the metal named Hammer Ki. A grape tree raised in a large jar was typed out and was colored. The color is a little fuzzy w

Shobei Tomaki “This Is Moon cloud”
This is of a smooth gray. In the back of the box, a black cloud was drawn in the white moon, but the clouds thinned out and the moon was sheer. Because, this work seems to have been used to remove the line after shedding the glaze “Radio Cloisonne”, and it was explained that it was the one that the painting expression by the blur like this work was able to be invented, and the Shikawa Sosuke which had been introduced earlier was devised.

Small Denji Hayashi “platter of Flowers”
It is a pretty big dish. About 1m in diameter? A variety of flowers are drawn on a black background and are very colorful. There was a commentary that the design of this plate was made to design to the painter of Maruyama sect though it was vivid a little tight. It is a great presence.

At the very end of the exhibition space there was a description corner of the production process of VTR and wired Cloisonne. Tools related to the production of Cloisonne were also exhibited.

Yui Hattori “3-point set of Western Flowers”
It is a set of three points of sugar putting, milk putting, tray. Cloisonne is not a tool but rather a decoration because it hates to get wet in water. The flower and the leaf of light purple and the yellow green are drawn in the ground of the milk color. The shape was elegant and dignified.

Unknown “Beauties bun Vase”
Birds are drawn on a black background with two realistic chickens, two flying swallows, and so on. There were various beautiful flowers in bloom, including chrysanthemums. The beautiful composition and the precise pattern that I do not think pottery were wonderful.

Ando Cloisonne shop “Golden Ruri Tian back 12 crest Mirror Mo”
This is a large leaf-shaped piece, with a jewel-like green and gold-eyed cloisonne. This is like the treasure of Shosoin, and it seems to be the oldest piece with a definite pattern in existing cloisonne. There was a splendid splendor because it was large anyway.

Unknown “phoenix form Incense Burner”
It is a work that is transmitted to Higashi Hongan-ji Temple, and is a incense burner like a Phoenix sculpture. A long-tailed phoenix with a golden head and a green feather and a tail. I feel a little dull, but it was an interesting work as a statue.

Yasuyuki Namikawa “Zuitori floriculture karakusa bunbun Vase”
In a small vase, a bird and a dragon like the Phoenix are drawn finely. Is it sparkling like gold powder and is it still mixing metal to glaze? It was a very fine and beautiful work.

So, I’m glad to enjoy this much for free. There was also a commentary about Cloisonne, and I was able to enjoy various kinds of works.
In addition, there are three rooms here, but in the other two rooms, “Love Kono exhibition-The House of” and “Yuko Nemoto exhibition-Ikimono of Ceramics Vision-” was exhibited.
I wonder if both can be seen in about three minutes. The official site can be seen in detail.

Ai Kono Exhibition-House of
October 1 (Thu)-October 24 (Sat), 2009
Official site:Http://

Yuko Nemoto Exhibition-Ikimono of Ceramics vision-
Wednesday, October 7-Monday, November 2, 2009
Official site:Http://

It is very close to Ginza, so it would be interesting to check it out when you go to Ginza.

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