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Closed: Deyashiki bar scum udon skewer hormone oden Kurashi @ Amagasaki Izuyashiki

Closed: Deyashiki bar scum udon skewer hormone oden Kurashi @ Amagasaki Izuyashiki

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I knew it before, but I went to the shop opposite

The shop where there was no edge for some reason

It is a shop where the long-established temporary sushi of Amagasaki is made to read from the other side (temporary).

Is the atmosphere of the store drinking? It seems to be amagasaki.

Simple. Well, a foreign store typhoon

It is enclosed in a tent and it is difficult to enter a little… I did not know where to enter.

I’m a little worried about the inside of a cold in winter.

Lucky (Dead language? W) until 7 o’clock, happy Hour (now it’s 17:00-19:00)

Nice service.

I’m the one in the store.

Let me eaten by it slowly. I’m not staying.

I’m sorry, but I don’t eat udon today.

Oden is not needed.

I’m looking forward to it. Is


It is a hormone skewer.


大人しく一言美味しかったOf course, the raw beer half price 190 yen and the left skewer five

Korori-Yaki Lever, Red Sen Tan Saki Mino.

The hormone of the red system smells a little

But this is the price.

The sauce is very good for beer with garlic and sweet spicy sauces.

It is a little thick, but I think it is good.

Add-pork Heart (heart)-Huanos

Pork heart still smells a few.

It is a bee. It was better than I thought .

I’m not good at full of fat, but I did about a couple of books

It seems to be delicious.

The hormone of the white system is more delicious after all

Then there is the raw lever!

When you hear the story, Yukke is not completely put out,

It seems that other raw things do not determine what kind of treatment is going to be.

So there seems to be still some shops out there.

“Is it a lot different this year? It was a story.

Yes, I’m stuck on this raw lever skewer ~

It has changed.

It is higher than the other at 180 yen a book,

This fresh raw lever is available!!!

Mr. Temporary reviewed

Cheap shops are good shops.

Keep up the Happy hour

Deyashiki Bal KURABASHI

Address 7-251 Showa-dori, Amagasaki-shi
Phone number 06-7172-6459
Business hours: 17:00 ~ 3:00 next day
(Business hours seem to be at this time now.) Confirmation required
Regular holiday I think I heard Tuesday.

Dregs Udon skewer hormone Kurara ( Udon / Deyashiki station , Amagasaki Station (Hanshin)

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