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Closed: HARRY’S DINER Tavern (Halys Diner) #尼崎 a new breeze at the mansion

Closed: HARRY’S DINER Tavern (Halys Diner) #尼崎 a new breeze at the mansion

Can you raise my tension with two clicks each day first ?

(Opens a new window)

Street Food にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ Kansai Street

Today’s quiet word

The shop of this place, it is the order or a mess rather than the ~ w I will update to replace the order a little because it seems to campaign one month open this week. Here’s the blog (^. ^;)

I’m a little disappointed with the trees from the moon on weekdays, but I will visit you again. (^ 0 ^)/

Added at the bottom

Add again Ali

Amebro has the ability to click on a footprint called PETA

I usually seldom see it.

I just happened to see…

In addition, the person who happened to attach it by chance was this way.

A candy in the mansion?!!! You okay? The first impression I had…

Because it’s a mansion.

I feel like the equation is done because I’m going to go home from the Boat race lightly.

I’m stuck with a further image of the Hanshin Amagasaki…

It’s a bit of a walk around, but this is 3.4.

“The shop of a fashionable feeling is able to be made in the shop knowing something ~”

Early ♪


I was not very nervous at all because of the bright yet early time in the store.

Is it because of the casual atmosphere and the bright lighting?

Is it because the shop owner is friendly? W


Your wife? Your sister? I don’t know what a part-time job is.

It seems to be made by two women.

“There was a Chinese restaurant in the old days.

The house in the back of this place was caught on fire (I was going to drop 500 yen (-_-;) was offended)

There were many things in the south. It is a city of memories.

There were a lot of dark images or rather great downtown.

I wonder if the image has changed around here.



Whatever it is.


It was Heineken dark.

This is the way to drink the bottle in the mouth of American.







Lunch menu, but if you are not full of customers,

390 Yen menu seems to be able to set anything


I chose the chicken.

From today’s recommendation menu

Herb Grilled chicken with herbal chicken Grill

It’s pretty good looking!

Sorry, I couldn’t take a good picture. White table on a white plate is it hard to shoot?


I like the skin of the surface a little more crisp


I’m going to eat it immediately ^ ^


In the back, a party that could sit about nine people…

Good. There ^ ^ Private feeling www


Grilled Toriya

Spain Bar

Training, and in Spain,

The head chef told me what Italian was good at.

Young master who seems to be able to do various things I look forward to the future menu.

So, you seem to be bored alone,

You’re a good speaker, take care.

Do you often talk to the guests who come alone with a good care?

I’m sorry. Thank you.


The menu that the Americans told me when I visited here.

Ice Cream for Guinness

It is an adult cream sauder (not a soder or W).

I thought that I should order it in a neta, but this time it is normal


Guinness Extra Stout


Standard Burger


The hamburger itself is not so big, it is not a local burger.

What is the diameter = McDowell?

Buns are crispy and toasted and sweet

The normal hamburger is teriyaki sauce.

The putty is soft and fluffy and comfortable.

Everyone tastes different by the Humberga.



Thank you very much for your time.

It’s good to be young.


[Open one month memorial service!] 】
Period from March 5 (Mon.) to 8 (Thu.)
“Amun bar, my Miku, Facebook friend who has been applied” limited,

All first drink 100 yen (tax incl. 105 yen)!

For this period, let’s apply Amun bar from here W

Three days, haha.

If I said I saw this blog, I’d like to discount it. Owner’s (explosion)

I was contacted that I will extend it again by a good reputation.

From the owner’s 3/83/10 This blog

I came to see “the word was delicious”. Or

When you said you were going to come

First drink 105 yen!!! Let’s go everyone

Maybe I’ll go Thursday. Let’s drink W

Maybe 18:30 ~ 19:30 I’m going to compete. It is only a plan ^ ^

(But I’m not going to drink an absolute cup of beer W)

Please give me a look at the blog of the owner chef who made a nifty arrangement .

Shop name American Tavern HARRY’S ★ DINER (Halys Diner)

Address 2-85 Minamitaketanimachi, Amagasaki, Hyogo

Phone number 06-6411-3236

Business hours 11:30 ~ 14:30 17:00 ~ 24:00


Closed on Sundays and public holidays


Transportation 1 minute walk from Hanshin Deyashiki
Home Page
Eating log Candy Tavern Halys diner Deyashiki Ekimae store ( izakaya / Deyashiki station , Amagasaki Center pool mae Station )

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

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