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Closed: Osaka famous Takoyaki Octopus Road (Kite) @ Amagasaki Chuo Shopping street

Closed: Osaka famous Takoyaki Octopus Road (Kite) @ Amagasaki Chuo Shopping street

It does not rise at all. How far is it going to go down?
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Since the Thirtie one is gone

How many shops were you in the other?
Do you like the Buckwheat donut shop?

And this Octopus road is OPEN

If you look at the daytime, it’s quite acceptable.

I haven’t eaten yet.
In fact, I was tempted by 190 yen in the draft beer of the signboard of the table.

Hanshin Amagasaki I feel like a little high, but I wonder if this stuff

I ordered the place where I ate the Akashi ware earlier.

Thank you.


It’s such a kind of takoyaki.


Because the takoyaki of this place is crunchy potash, I do not entangled with TI,

I’m more than a ti,
I thought that the salt and the soy sauce each other.


The texture of this gully is so delicious that it feels too baked.


It was a feast.

Hit is messed up.

The size is old and small, and the outside is crispy, and the tempura is crunchy and chewy.

I was almost mistaken for a beer bill.
I don’t know… because I’m out of the sign…–byte education please.
I felt a little sick and went back.

Octopus Road
Address: 3-39, Kanda-Nakamichi, Amagasaki (Sanwa shopping Street, 3rd Street)
Tel: 06-4869-3780 (can be reserved.) )

Opening Hours: 11:00 ~ 21:00
Holiday: Open all year round


Amagasaki Takoyaki Octopus Road ( Takoyaki / Amagasaki Station (Hanshin) , Deyashiki station )

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