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I went to the coppster that I had been curious about before ◎

The Kopepan shop came to be seen in various places in Sapporo City!



The store is more spacious than I expected and has an in-room seating.



The menu is lined with railways on the wall ◎

The price range from 130 yen is reasonable!



I fill in the order table by myself.

Because it is a face-in-person expression, it might be able to worry slowly ♪



Check out the popular menu…



I will check the order table!



So, I purchased five, but it was finished comparatively soon ◎

It ♪ to be in the car immediately


Fried Chicken (260 yen)


The clothing is juicy as potash ◎

The bread is fluffy and it is delicious!


Chocolate Whip (160 yen)





Plenty of chocolate whip ♪

It is good affinity with the bread which melts in the mouth with gentle sweetness!


Egg (250 yen)


This is also a classic egg!

It’s got salt. Lol



A whole egg salad with a full boiled egg!

It is gentle seasoning ◎

Because the boiled egg does not have the taste, I was allowed to use the salt which was affixed. Lol



The size is small compared with the other Coppepan shop, but the price is suppressed for the minute!

I’m glad to be able to try various things ♪


Also with the line.


● Address
7-6-22 Hongo Dori, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Business Hours

7:30 ~ 18:30
● Telephone
● Regular holiday

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