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Delicious chicken Wings Chicken Yakitori Specialty Store Toriei Shoten @ Amagasaki Deyashiki Sanwa Market

Delicious chicken Wings Chicken Yakitori Specialty Store Toriei Shoten @ Amagasaki Deyashiki Sanwa Market

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I want to introduce to you,

I came to take a picture.

From Hanshin Deyashiki Station, turn right to Sun Road and enter the Sanwa market.

Come on, just to the right.


This is an image from the opposite.

This shop

Oh, my guest… sweat.


The old days were very crowded… Now it’s almost closed.

In this market, once a month

I want to make it to the article once as the manager of one day as the Amagasaki Alley is doing various events

And I think, but I’m not this yet

I wish I had more publicity, but the bar-like feeling is very fun

I’ll let you know if you find any information. I saw it from the evening of 2011/11/23.


Grandma and maybe a son… today is Saturday…

Your aim is chicken wings

It’s not always sold in packs, but is it Saturday?

The old mother was bought

There are only two more packs. Only one pack will be charged (^^ ♪


This is chicken chicken wings and I am a regular.

When you are a baby, reach out from the stroller and make this chicken wings

It seems to have been arrogant though it did not have it.

The chicken wings that remain in my heart from that time, I guess W

The feather that the taste has soaked firmly is the best to the snack.

The peach meat is also delicious. But it’s not suitable for chicken wings.
Please eat once.

Not classy. Sometimes the taste is strong.

There are some irregularities. It is with this blog. Lol


What was planted in the taste of childhood


Smile alone and have a beer! I’m going to drink it today.

Toriei Shoten
Address 9, Kenjimachi, Amagasaki City
Phone number Unknown
Opening hours before 9:00 to 17:00 (the chicken wings are baked at around 9:30. )

Closed Tuesdays

What is the name of Toriei, the same system as a long-established yakitori shop in Amagasaki?

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