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Deyashiki Highball Tavern Wada House, the Hanshin Deyashiki station, Amora Alley

Deyashiki Highball Tavern Wada House, the Hanshin Deyashiki station, Amora Alley

The first one is also the edge of something M (__) m

Even if you do not have to update the-sorry ahead of trouble,

Can you raise my tension with two clicks every day?
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人気ブログランキングへStreet Food/>ブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ/> B class Gourmet

Today’s quiet

I have been reading recently. It’s quite readable when you get on the first start.

It is strange that I hated it. I’m sorry I can’t read it when I get drunk.

Now is the third day. You’ll be able to read almost half.

There are occasional kanji words that are not meant to be understood. Laughs

I took a picture and headed here.

This is the start of a party.

Because I like the hormone after all, I entered here of the Amatra Alley.

It seems that it is a shop of the new form of feeling which unites the Yakitori shop and the hormone skewer shop of Wada house of Itami.

I can feel your brother attracting you.

Everyone is younger than me. It’s sad to get old, uncle.


Beef Tongue stew come next


Handwriting Menu: I don’t have a regular menu yet.


I got the firewood, but leave it to me 5 species, 600 yen

There was a thing or failed ~ Sweat



Let’s get it from my life.

It was the same as Itami.

Delicious sure pork heart stabbed! This time.


The hormones in the wine


Pork Heart, Huiinos, Coricoli, round intestines

The skewer of the hormone is full of charm.

However, it is painful that the bee was unusually hard in the jaw.

The garlic-flavored sauce makes the liquor unwilling.

What should I ask next??? I’m worried.

Ask a young manager to recommend a bird

Order chicken wings and A-chan


This thrusting ゴチャ is a part, but it seems to be a rare site that connects Kokoro (heart),

There is a touch and juicy like the mind like the haste.

It is delicious.

It seems to say the pork heart yuan or the desire remainder.

I feel like I heard you say pork heart.

Are you going now? I’m coming again.

If you are alone, eat and drink quickly, and don’t go around.

Okay, then.

Introduction to the Amora Alley Http://

Deyashiki Tavern Wada House (standing drinking tavern)
Address 2-86-1 Minami Taketani-cho, Amagasaki-shi, near Hanshin Deyashiki station

Phone number 06-6430-6321

Business hours 13:00 ~ 24:00

Closed maybe no

The parking lot of the former Daia parking lot is in the neighborhood soon.

Eating log Deyashiki Tavern Wada house ( Standing Tavern Bar / Deyashiki station , Amagasaki Center pool mae Station )

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