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Eating place Kuma-chan @ cheap! The tavern that suits the work clothes of the deep itself has been packed #阪神出屋敷

Eating place Kuma-chan @ cheap! The tavern that suits the work clothes of the deep itself has been packed #阪神出屋敷

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Today’s quiet word

Is it a pedigree that makes two pieces of nail? Are you missing something?

Oh, and the camera is still difficult… half-baked.

We visited here early in the day.

This is the south side of the station.

The taste of the famous mansion opposite the Paradise, just north of the shop (please look at the map from the confusing explanation W)

The symbol of the deep town is a bear.



If you look inside the store, it’s full.

In the midst of fear

There are several table seats and a space where you can party at the back

The counter… Railways and

The counter seems to be done by the main sister and the landlady’s three people and the general.


It’s cheap.

Krásno reminds me of the price here!

Was it in the mansion?

Springing the feeling you’ve found

I just happened to find a great place to burn.


“Great bottle Beer for now”

It looks like it’s open from noon.

It is crowded, and seems to be very busy very much. Difficult to say orders

The shop is full of regulars.


After all, I was worried about the soup stock roll.

Landlady “Buddy what? 」

I’d like to have the broth wrapped. 」

Landlady “…”

Scary (^_^;) silent…


I was surprised at this soup stock roll.

It cooks after it orders it.

I thought whether it comes out because it is a tavern of the sense of standing drinking

A Little Pine

A beautiful soup stock roll came out.

The dashi is slightly weak and it is a common soup roll.

300 yen is cheap gusto



There are several kinds of things on the counter.

Isn’t it on the menu? What is this?

-Sorry is this? 」

The landlady “Which? Is this it? 」


Landlady “Niyaki Ware”


Landlady “How many!!!!? 」


Are you disliked me a little bit? Sweat

The face is scary only to me, and I do not dislike a young person.

The smile is not so unpleasant. 😉

That’s not the kind of thing you did to your uncle who came in later.

But discouraged


This is a grilled

It is a small thing of the fist, but

This is good!!!

There is a sprinkling of shrimp in here.


To the landlady again

“Please, octopus tempura”

It’s like a “Kotenchou”

Do you still have it?

Can you capture it?

Do I have to accede more?


Not bad, the price is great after all

Then, y another cup.


It pleases the landlady like Mr. W

A cold drink

The landlady? Small? 」

Thelandlady in the big one! How about that?! )

The Kamo Crane 300ml came out.

But I still have a landlady.

It is not turned around.

It is a pleasant conversation with a regular…

I’m jealous.


! Let’s go a little longer.

The macaroni salad in the bowl in front of my eyes.

I like to have a hard bath, but after all I got it.

I’ve never seen a hard macaroni.


Two more! It is a Niyaki ware.

Is a favorite. Powder Love W

I’d like to bake two pieces.

But I do not turn the heart of the landlady after all…


It was very delicious for the landlady, so I’m going to try again.

The feast was a very fragile place.

At the shop of the drinking price that can be drunk in the mansion,

A cheap, dashing landlady, yes.


Note: The landlady was only really liked touching to me,

Please be assured that other customers are so friendly.

The reason why I’m alone is not clear. (I was quiet, W)

Was he the youngest man who was drinking there? W

It was not a particularly disgusting feeling,
It’s not that cheap.

I will try again ^ ^

Shop name Eating Place Kuma-chan

Address 1-44-50 Minamitaketanimachi, Amagasaki, Hyogo

Phone number 06-6411-8836

Opening hours: 12:00 ~ 23:00

Closed Sundays

Map Http://

Transportation 2 minute walk from Hanshin Deyashiki Station
Eating log Kuma-chan ( izakaya / Deyashiki station , Amagasaki Center pool mae Station )

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

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