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EL Barco (el Barco) @ Osaka Noda Hanshin

EL Barco (el Barco) @ Osaka Noda Hanshin

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人気ブログランキングへB class Gourmet ブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ B class Gourmet

I remembered that I had to get a Ponpalais ticket.

Book a phone call!

I’m sorry first. Because it is a little dark, there is not a very good photograph (-_-;)
The picture is not so good.


I was able to buy this ticket because I could use it from one person willingly.

The appetizer was combined with a prosciutto half, paella and a drink.

From Hanshin Noda Station, the location is about 3 minutes, and Hanshin Expressway is running on top.

The Chair table is tall,
It is a small hideaway that can enjoy a stylish space at the counter and the table,

It is a shop where the atmosphere is good and the woman only puts it without hesitation

This is the specialty of this paella






Let’s start with a small bottle of heartland.

Appetizer Assortment

Sweet potatoes are quite sour. We are IMO IMO,

I had a slight cold, so I wanted more water.

Spain-esque egg-baked omelet?


This pumpkin was a little sour too!

There are a lot of tapas, too.

Marinated octopus with squid paprika. It was delicious.

There’s a fruit tomato in the end.

This is really delicious ~ Sweet ~ fruit tomatoes so it’s natural

Because I don’t like tomatoes very much, it was the first fruit tomato.

It was so delicious, I was reminded. I want to eat this again ^ ^


Garlic tomato system of mushrooms,

I like it a lot. It’s delicious.


Happy hour.



Sparkling Wine Prosecco 17 ~ 19, 300 yen per cup, nice service.

It is likely to drink by riding the tone.

Iberico pig Prosciutto Half

I was feeling like a stripe a little salty and pretty,

I really love prosciutto recently! Okay.

There is no way for wine to go.
Ume ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Add a glass of red wine
Take a glass of wine at a high pace

I’m waiting for you, paella.

We have selected the seafood paella,

This is good.

You might have never eaten a real thing? I totally forgot.

It is very delicious whether it is usual that the wick remains in rice a little.
It’s so crunchy and fun.



I’m a little short of drinking,

Add more wine to the spilled glass

It does not spill from the glass in the seat, and pours it to the last minute.
This kind of thing I love the feeling of a menu of downtown Izakaya.

I’ll even put on the paella.
It is delicious after all.

Thank you for the good ticket.

Recently, I came to enter the shop alone anywhere without hesitation.

The old-fashioned standing drinking (corner-beating) has grown,

When I’m walking alone,
There are many ways to spend all alone in a pub.
Maybe you’ve come to understand a little bit recently.

But I’m going to become a person who is not able to act in a group that would become selfish, such as my personality is going to be worse if I’m always doing a loner
Be careful;)

El Barco (El Barco)
Address Fukushima-ku, Osaka Yoshino 2-15-20
Phone number 06-6448-5155
Business hours 17:00 ~ 26:00
Closed on the third Thursday

EL BARCO ( Spain Cuisine / Noda Station (Hanshin) , Noda-Hanshin station , Ebie station )

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