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Enlightenment Tei [Kowakudani-no-ya (Okada Museum of Art): Hakone 2019

Enlightenment Tei [Kowakudani-no-ya (Okada Museum of Art): Hakone 2019

I have introduced the exhibition of the Okada Museum of Art last time, but before I saw the exhibition, I had tea at the café “enlightenment-tei” in the hotel. Because it was possible to photograph here, I will introduce it with the photograph.


Enlightenment Tei

Japanese café and udon noodles

[Official Website]
Eating log:Https://
* Please check the official website for business hours, holidays, and maps.

【 Nearest Station 】
Kowakudani Station

Nearby museums
Okada Museum of Art

The cost of one person on this day
About 1000 yen

(4) _5_ Delicious

[Hospitality and Atmosphere]
Uncomfortable _1_2_ 3 _ (4) _5_ comfortable

[Crowded condition and congestion situation (Friday around 15:00)]
Congestion _1_2_ 3 _ (4) _5_ comfortable

[Total Satisfaction]
Mine _1_2_ 3 _ (4) _5_ Meito

There was a Friday afternoon, so I didn’t have to wait in particular. It was too slow here, and the appreciation time was insufficient.

Now, this is the Okada Museum of Art, and it is possible to use only here without using the museum. I used to eat udon noodles here, but I did not make it to the article because I did not have the camera and the SMAFO because it went through the 5F of the museum. (If you are bringing the Smafo to the store, you need to go through the side road rather than from inside the museum.)

This is a signboard in front of the shop.
There is a large garden in the back of this shop, and it seems to be necessary to pay the entrance fee usually, but I was able to watch the mountain stream stroll course at the back for free for renovation work on this day. It was closed in the snow when I visited before, and the timing is not suitable.
Helpful Links:The Official Site Garden Introduction

There was a plum blossom in front of the shop. At the end of March, cherry blossoms were blooming in the center of the city, but the box roots were still cold.
The red and white are pretty.

First of all, I decided to look around the garden. This is a state of the garden.
It seems to be able to enjoy the flower depending on the season w which becomes a slope and a light hike.

Enlightenment Tei you want from the garden.
I have never entered the building in the left half, but facing the pond is very elegance.

I walked through the garden and entered the store. Because there were other customers, I did not take pictures of the shop.

On this day, I was doing a campaign called “Hakone Sweets Collection 2019 Spring”, so we had a limited-time menu called “Shiruko with three kinds of daifuku”.
It is not reflected in the photograph, but also comes with Sencha. This seems to be a collaboration with the “WA-ha”, the sweet tooth that red bean soup and Daifuku Three is unbearable set W
First of all, the contents are three kinds of the sweet potato, matcha, and strawberry, and the taste is considerably different daifuku. The sweet potato has a stout sweetness, the strawberry is light and refreshing, and matcha can enjoy the aroma and flavor. Especially, strawberries were able to be satisfied because it was delicious in itself.
Then the red bean soup is sweet and strong. It was dense but without persistence, it satisfied the desire to eat a cup of sweets. The brown which is lying around by the way is a rusk, and it is a texture that the cinnamon flavor worked and was crunchy. When I put this in the red bean soup, it was feeling like a taste strange, and the tea was refreshing little bitterness, and it reset it moderately in the mouth.

From the counter seats you can view the garden pond.
The feeling of being surrounded by nature settles down in Hakone.

Angle Difference
It was a very noisy stay. There were carp in this pond, and I was able to do it slowly.

So, I was able to enjoy the delicious sweetness. The W Okada Art Museum is quite wide and takes time to watch because it is cozy, so I think that it is good to take a rest here after it finishes watching. It is a little expensive but it also has udon, so it is convenient for a light lunch.

This is the end of the Hakone Hen. I always go to Paula or Lalique and everything, but this time I went in the feeling like a usher, so the museum was only Okada could go W

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