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[Extra Edition] Kyoto travel Arashiyama Area

[Extra Edition] Kyoto travel Arashiyama Area

It is a photograph of Kyoto which went to Silver Week in an extra edition continuously. Sorry for not even kanto until I buy the material of the museum ^ ^;)

Today we introduce the area around Arashiyama. It’s around here. I started sightseeing from Arashiyama of Hankyu Arashiyama line to go.

First of all, the famous Togetsubashi Bridge. It is a long bridge over the Katsuragawa River.

A lot of people came to visit.

The other side. A little cloudy sky is a subtle feeling W

View from the bridge. In the upstream of the river, there were people who were playing boating.

I went to the Bamboo grove for a while to go north across the Togetsu Bridge. I think that there are a lot of people who have seen it in CM.
You can see some kind of unsophisticated electric wire W
DSC_4388.jpg DSC_4394.jpg

Let’s go to Kyoto in JR Tokai! Atmosphere was drifting.
DSC_4395.jpg DSC_4411.jpg

The shrine is also associated with the Tale of Genji Shrine (Nonomiya shrine) near the Bamboo Grove, and has the benefit of the child and matchmaking. Therefore, the young woman was jammed mainly.
Official site:Http://

The garden is behind the Nomiya shrine. The deep green was impressive, and it was like a miniature of the mountain.
DSC_4400.jpg DSC_4403.jpg

Then I went to the Tenryu-ji temple. It is a temple of the Rinzai sect in the temple that the dream window sparse stone was opened to advised Ashikaga Takashi.
Official page:Http://

I wonder if the coming Fukumon. Zen atmosphere is drifting.

It was a little red. The other is not at all, but only here for some reason Dusty red.

Hatto Hall It seems to be a building rebuilt in the Meiji era because it disappeared when I thought that it was a design like recently comparatively. There is power in the ontile.
DSC_4522.jpg DSC_4434.jpg

The garden of a dry landscape.

In addition, a wonderful garden was waiting.

There were a lot of wonderful bran pictures in the room. There was a piece depicting a dragon, but the light reflected and it was hard to see….

I went further from the previous photo. It is a really beautiful garden.

Further back corridor

There was a Buddhist image in this room. I took a picture because I was worried about Fusuma painting.

I also feel vivid and a little comical.

You can leave the building and actually walk in the garden. I went back to the garden in front of the garden of the dry landscape and entered.

I am glad to be seen in the vicinity. There was a place like the rear mountain, and it felt like a light hike there.

Like this, Tenryu-ji temple was more enjoyable than I expected. A lot of Lotus grew in the pond near the exit.

After this, I rode a storm and headed towards the center of Kyoto. There was also a Sagano to go…. It’s a pity, but I think I’ll go another time.
Next time, I will introduce the Kiyoaki shrine which is showing an upsurge recently.

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