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[Extra Edition] Kyoto travel Gion-Kiyomizu-dera Area Part 1

[Extra Edition] Kyoto travel Gion-Kiyomizu-dera Area Part 1

The Kanto Art exhibition started at a stretch from 19 days, but the silver week from 19th was on a trip. Therefore, I think that I will put the photograph taken in Kyoto of the travel destination as an extra hen instead because the Neta of the museum tour in Kanto is cut.
I went to Kyoto in June, but since I could only go to Toji and east-west Hongan-ji Temple, I went to Banff National Park on this trip. Since it has been around a lot, and one place as usual in the article, so it would take one month, I think I’ll introduce roughly each area aroundthe. (It is not an art exhibition, and it is not even kanto anymore, but please enjoy it as a bridge until I buy the next story.) )

First of all, I wanted to go to Kiyomizu-dera which I like best, and walked while seeing various things from Gion. (I am walking a fine distance W)

(Left): Kamogagawa. Because it was good weather, some people were fishing on the riverbed.
(Right): The entrance of Gion. It was crowded with tourists from early in the morning. On this day, there were some people who went to the outside market on the day of the race.
DSC_3924.jpg DSC_3928.jpg

Scenery of Gion. Such a scenery came to Kyoto! I feel.

The Yasaka Tower of the Temple of Law in the place where the dream Misaka was gone through Gion. It is the temple that Prince Shotoku was erected with the telling of the dream of the Ruyi ring Kannon. I did not put it in the site, but there is power.
Official siteHttp://
DSC_3950.jpg DSC_3964.jpg

(Left): Three monkeys of Kyoto’s Koshin ADO in front of the Temple of law
(Right): Koshin monkey hanging from the hall. This has the effect of controlling desire.
Official siteHttp://
DSC_3955.jpg DSC_3956.jpg

I went through the hill for two more years from Yume-Zaka, and it came. It was very crowded. The left is Deva, and the right is a triple tower.
By the way, the sect of Kiyomizu-dera temple is a sect called the Northern Law sect Hotso. I’ve never heard of it.
Official siteHttp://

(Left): around the Deva. The Deva is great, but I can’t tell you. W
(Right): Triple Tower.
DSC_3983.jpg DSC_3984.jpg

In retrospect, you can enjoy the view of Kyoto City.

(Left): I wonder if this was near the Todoroki gate. This is a little bit of a panic.
(Right): en route to the main hall. There was the image of the iron clogs or Daikoku.
P1070461.jpg DSC_4000.jpg

I came to the main hall and looked back at the immediate area.

The main hall stage. It was a quite crowded condition. There is a word “the feeling of jumping off the stage of Shimizu”, but I think that I usually die if I do really

(Left): Inside the main hall. Principal image is the Bodhisattva of ten thousand-eyed Kansera. Shingon on Bazzala
(Right): This is also inside the main hall. A mysterious atmosphere drifts.
DSC_4031.jpg DSC_4037.jpg

You can see the Otowa waterfall below. This is also later.

The landlord shrine next to the main hall (shrine) The matchmaking here is very effective.

On this day, there was a lot of airplane clouds and I could take interesting pictures.

(Left): Landowner shrine. There are many thanks to the person who fulfilled the wish. It came to break the bad edge by the paper doll of the Puppet exorcism here.
(Right): Love horoscope stone. Away (about 15m?) There is one more similar stone, close your eyes and you can go there, it seems to be connected to the edge. Take time to the contrary, or too many people or too far w….
DSC_4047.jpg DSC_4050.jpg

(Left): Thanks Myojin. There is a strong profit to be able to make every wish come true only one.
(Right): Thanks to the “prayer cedar” in the back of the Myojin, the “Curse Cedar” is a mark that has hit a straw doll in the corner of a cow.
DSC_4054.jpg DSC_4055.jpg

(Left): The god of the landlord shrine is a kind God who made kindness to the white rabbit of the Inaba of the Great Power (Okuninushi only).
Right: I also support rabbits.
DSC_4058.jpg DSC_4063.jpg

I returned to Kiyomizu-dera temple and enjoyed the stage building. The view is also seen.

(Left): In the back of the place of the previous photo, it is a place to take the sacred water soaked in Kannon
(Right): A wet-like Kannon. It is about 5m away from the water station. Water is put from the head.
DSC_4092.jpg DSC_4095.jpg

(Left): Under the main hall. How to assemble a tree is artistic.
(Right): This temple likes the atmosphere of this neighborhood best.
DSC_4109.jpg DSC_4110.jpg

(Left): Otowa waterfall. The person who drew the water formed a long procession. The splash of water makes you feel cool in the hot weather.
(Right): up.
DSC_4114.jpg P1070500.jpg

We decided to walk from Kiyomizu-dera temple to Sanjusangendo, so we went down the bowl slope.

A circular bridge down the hill. The pond below is a Hao Moon pond.

So, I think I’ll introduce you here and there for a while as soon as you use the photo is rolled.
Kiyomizu-dera temple was really good…. After this, I went to Sanjusangendo Hall and Kenninji temple, so I will introduce it next time.

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