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[Extra Edition] Kyoto travel Gion-Kiyomizu-dera Area Part 2

[Extra Edition] Kyoto travel Gion-Kiyomizu-dera Area Part 2

I went on a trip to Silver week, so the museum is out of stock, so I released a lot of photos of my travel destination today.
I’m here to introduce you.

On the way to walk from Kiyomizu-dera temple to SanjusangendoToyoki Shrine (and well shrine).Information site
This is a shrine that was enshrined Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and the Edo period was a revival of what was ritual in the Meiji period. This Tang gate is a national treasure, and it seems to be transmitted that it was the ruins of Fushimi Castle originally.
DSC_4145.jpg DSC_4146.jpg

(Left): Gourd type EMA? It is like Toyotomi.
(Medium): Decoration of Karamon. It is profound and delicate.
(Right): The Stone lantern that the former feudal lord donated.
DSC_4150.jpg DSC_4152.jpg DSC_4159.jpg

After walking for a while after Toyobe shrine,Kyoto National Museum. Just before the eyes of the Sanjusangendo hall.
Official site:Http://

The day was just ready to be replaced and it was closed until October 9th. Sorry…. The exhibition related to the Nichiren person seems to begin when doing a little more.

However, only the café and the museum shop were open, so we had lunch here. Because there was not the shop around, it was full.

Omurice order. The egg is melts and it is really delicious! (>) 880 yen and reasonable and recommended. Prices in Kyoto may be a little cheaper.

Partner’s Neapolitan. This is also delicious, but the Omurice is more delicious W

After the meal immediately,Sanjusangendo Hall. The official name isLotus Wang-inIt is called the Sanjusangendo Hall because there are 33 between pillars of the temple in what a good hirqing Sheng made.
Official site:Http://

There is no photograph because it is forbidden to take a picture, but here, there are 1001 body Kannon, and Sentekannon seated image, Fujin-Thunder, and the twenty-eighth part are included here.
This is a wonderful Buddha statue, so many times, it is a must-see. You can see some of the statues on the official website.★ HereAnd★ Here 

Back. There are also 11 8m in the north and south in the form of “Wakin Iripurin main Tile Roofing”. It took more than an hour to watch. There was a long beauty that was not seen in the museum.
Even so, this is famous for the arrow, but I’m going to do on which side of the temple….

Because I saw the Sanjusangendo hall, I decided to return to the Gion area. I went all the way home on foot.

The hotel is also very well-kempt. FirstRokuharamitsu-ji Temple。 In the temple of the Shingon sect, Kuya (the person who is putting out the Buddha from the mouth) is a principal image of the ten one-sided Kannon dug. It is better to say that the place where the six-wave of the Yukari Genpei was placed rather than… In addition, there seems to be a thing related to the Kei sect by the family temple of the Kei sect, too. I have put my hands together lightly. There was also a treasure hall, but there is no time through W
Official site:Http://
DSC_4205.jpg DSC_4209.jpg

There was a store of the ghost parenting candy in the vicinity of Rokuharamitsu-ji temple. You really have a shop.
It’s a little bit of a minor tale, so please refer to the wiki.Ghost Parenting Candy Wiki

Continuing onKenninjiWent on. It is a temple of the Rinzai sect at the beginning that the Genta family donated the temple area to Eizai Zen master.
Official site:Http://

It is interesting that it is drawn to the tile by the Kenjin Jianjin.

Hatto Hall There was a powerful dragon painting of Ssangyong figure here. It later.

Fujin Thunder Figure folding Screen of Tawaraya Munour as soon as entering the Honbo! It is a reproduction of. W Last year, I saw the real thing in the Ririn sect exhibition, but it was a collection here.

In the middle of the temple, there was a Buddha in the center, and a Ssangyong figure was drawn on the ceiling like a fresco above its overhead.
DSC_4247.jpg DSC_4237.jpg

Up. There are five claws that hold a ball like a high-rated dragon.

It came back to the height next to Hon-Bo from the Law Hall. This is the garden of a dry landscape called Daiyu-en.

Another angle.


There were a number of interesting fusuma painting in this length. Certainly, there was a picture of tomomatsu of kaihoku of Prohibition of photography, too.
(Left): Between the clothes, Hashimoto Seki snow
(Right): I forgot… Excuse me.
DSC_4273.jpg DSC_4276.jpg

In the back of this height, there is a splendid garden called the Shitone Garden. In addition, it seems that the Fujin Thunder figure had been put in the back room.
DSC_4290.jpg DSC_4294.jpg

Up of Moss. This green is beautiful. Even so, I was watching the closing at the temple where there were really many places to visit.

Walking further from Kenninji, and finallyYasaka ShrineWent on.
Official site:Http://

Main shrine This is a dedicated of Susanokino Koto (also respects son), Kryninada hime Nokoto (Princess Comb Inada), Yahashiranomikogami (eight pillars Mikogami), and it seems to be from Heian capital 150 years ago.

Mai-Dono. I guess we have a variety of festivals here.

I took the main hall from the right side. The front was quite crowded. It seems to have the profit of good luck and business prosperity.

Behind the shrine. There is chion-in in the next to the Maruyama Park from Yasaka Shrine, but I gave up because I did not have physical strength and time indeed. I went back through this quiet road.

The Gion-Kiyomizu-dera area was super-plentiful. I was able to be satisfied w sincerely in such a thick area rarely.

Bonus. When I was leaving, I was taking pictures because it was a beautiful view in the evening sky.
(Left): I returned to the Shijo Ohashi Bridge. I took a rest in the river by taking the south seat direction. A bird was flying in line.
(Right): Shijo Dori. I was able to take one of my favorite W
DSC_4352.jpg DSC_4355.jpg

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