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[Extra Edition] Kyoto travel Horikawa Imadegawa Area

[Extra Edition] Kyoto travel Horikawa Imadegawa Area

Continue today, it is an extra hen Kyoto travel Neta. (I’m not in the direction of museum information.) I think the art museum will return from the next week. I am glad if you enjoy the article of Kyoto which is a treasure trove of beauty so much.

This day actually, I went to Hiroryuji to ride the Keifuku Electric Railway (Storm Den) from Arashiyama, which I introduced yesterday, and then it was a feeling that Kiyoaki shrine, but it is a Kiyoaki shrine from Hiroryuji, so it is a rather irregular route, I think that Hiroryuji will be included in the article in the Kinkakuji area at a later date. Today we introduce the Horikawa Imadegawa area. (This neighborhood is close to the Kinkakuji area and the Imperial Palace area W)

↓ I introduce this area.

Because I did not prepare much for this day, I thought that the Kiyoaki shrine was close to the log town of the subway if I saw it by a simple map. However, it was quite far from the misunderstanding completely (>) Imadegawa was closer. I’d rather go by bus through the Imadegawa Horikawa… The preparation of the route is important.

I walked to along Horikawa, but it was such a kind of walk.

FinallyKiyoaki Shrine, We had a festival. This is a shrine that is decorated with the famous yin-yang teacher of Heian period, the mark of five-pointed star ☆. I wonder if it’s called Dormanseeman.
Official site:Http://
DSC_4613.jpg DSC_4558.jpg

Entrance. It seems to be a shrine which is related to not only Abe Kiyoaki but also Sen Rikyu. There is a house of relatives around here, but I did not even know the existence of this shrine before the movie “Yin-Yang Master” (and the original story) catch. I wonder if the excitement at once?
DSC_4563.jpg DSC_4562.jpg

Mikoshi you. Here is also the mark of ☆.

Main shrine It seems that there is a profit of the talisman and the good luck charm. It seems to be effective only in the yin and yang teacher.

Of course, EMA ☆ mark. It is interesting to be said to be the Devil’s mark in the west.

The precincts here are not so wide, but there are a lot of places to visit.
(Left): Kiyoaki Abe statue
(Right): Misfortune to scrape this peach and rub misfortune. Peach seems to have the effect of talisman, as is the origin of Momotaro.
DSC_4579.jpg DSC_4580.jpg

The episode about Abe Kiyoaki had been introduced about 10 pieces like this.

Harumei-I. It seems to be a sacred water which has the profit of the sickness healing. I drank because I could drink.
In addition, this is the place where Senrikyu lived, and he did his own harm around here.

It was like this, even though the area was about 15 minutes long, and it was quite crowded with the festival as a popular shrine.
After the Kiyoaki shrine, I thought that I was just going to leave, but I came to visit the Shiramine Jingu Shrine on the way to Imadegawa subway station.

Shiramine Jingu ShrineThe entrance. It is a god of the Mari, and it seems to be revered with the god of sports now in a broad sense.
Official site:Http://
The crest of the Chrysanthemum is included when I watch it well. It seems to be a shrine which enshrined the emperor of the fate of two people named Takatoku and Emperor Junjin.
DSC_4619.jpg DSC_4620.jpg

The garden of the kick. There seems to be a kick-in event in April.

There were a lot of balls in the dedication. There was the Kyoto Purplsanga.

Mai-Dono. It was dark and the lanterns lit up and the atmosphere was out.

In that sense, this area has a little bit of a minor image, but it was interesting that there is a shrine with a strong personality.
I will introduce the Kinkakuji area next time. Gilded is!

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