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[Extra Edition] Kyoto travel Kinkakuji Area Part 1

[Extra Edition] Kyoto travel Kinkakuji Area Part 1

It is an article which went to Kyoto travel today. Today, I would like to introduce the Kinkakuji area where the highlight of Kyoto is concentrated.

First of all, I would like to introduce from Hiroryuji, which I had put aside in yesterday’s article.
↓ It is around here. It is between Arashiyama and Kinkakuji.

I went to Hiroryuji from Arashiyama by Keifuku Electric Railway.

Although it is divided into two and on the way from Arashiyama, Hiroryuji, Ninji temple, Myoshin-ji temple, Ryuyasu-ji temple, Heian Jingu shrine, etc. may be convenient.
Keifuku Electric Railway official page:Http://

Kouryuji TempleIs. Kinkakuji area or Arashiyama area is a delicate place (rather taiqin area), but in this blog let’s say the Kinkakuji area W

South Gate of Hiroryuji (Deva) This is a temple of the Shingon sect, but it is a temple of the Asuka period that it was an auspicious before that, and Hata Kawakatsu (the Kawasae) made for the Buddha image “Maitreya ‘ Hankashiizou ‘ statue” of Prince Shotoku.
Introduction page:Http://

The statue of Ninwang. The right is un on the left.
DSC_4532.jpg DSC_4533.jpg

Deva taken from the back. A tree with a kind of green hair was appropriate for a venerable temple.

Main. Principal image here seems to be a statue of Prince Shotoku.

New Spirit Hoden. There were a number of Buddhist statues including the wooden Maitreya ‘ Hankashiizou ‘ statue of the first national treasure.
The graceful appearance of the Maitreya ‘ Hankashiizou ‘ statue is a must see! There were also many wonderful statues such as twelve gods and Thousand Handkannon.

Well, in fact, I went to the Kinkakuji temple in the other day, but I am going to go to Kinkakuji at once here.
KinkakujiThe bus is the best. The location is very close to the airport. I forgot to take it carelessly, but I was able to see the burning marks of the left large letter from the bus stop in Kinkakuji.
Official page:Http://

↓ It is around here.

Kinkakuji is a temple of Rinzai sect built in the time of Ashikaga Yoshimitsuru. It is also famous that it is actually named Rokuon.
The gate of Kinkakuji Temple. There was a tree that was already a little red-colored.
DSC_4647.jpg DSC_4652.jpg

A funform Stone I do not know what it originated W

(Left): The Belfry. I remember that it was necessary to make a donation to strike.
(Right): Kuri. It is a building like a Rinzai sect. Still, the main temples in Kyoto sightseeing are a lot of Rinzai sect and Shingon sect.
DSC_4659.jpg DSC_4664.jpg

Come on, Kinkaku!

It was an unfortunate weather, but it was clearly reflected on the surface of the water. It seems to have disappeared by arson in the Showa era and rebuilt, and the gold leaf was replanted in 1987. It’s a new feeling.
DSC_4666.jpg DSC_4674.jpg

The Temple of Rinzai sect is splendid in the garden. It’s not just the Golden Horn. Maybe it’s because of this garden that it’s gilded and not vulgar.

I took a picture of the gold-kaku on the water.
DSC_4682.jpg DSC_4695.jpg

It seems that the pine of the land boat which is diagonally behind the Kinkaku was a bonsai of Ashikaga Yoshimitsuru. It is 600 years old.

From the diagonal back of the Golden Horn. From here to watch the subtle w

From the side of the Golden Horn, the roof of Phoenix up.
P1070662.jpg P1070660.jpg

Behind the Golden Horn. There were a lot of birds.

Koi Fish stone and Janryumon taki. It looks like a carp-shaped stone is climbing a waterfall.
DSC_4726.jpg P1070679.jpg

It is a stone tower of the Olympics called the white Janizuka to the right to see Ahn Tamasawa.

It looks terrible when it leaves around here.

Yukasei (stoneware) It is a tearoom of a few Yoriya-zukuri. Thatched did feel good on the roof.

Fudo Principal image seems to have been transmitted that Kobo Daishi made it. That? It’s supposed to be a Rinzai sect.

Shingon was “Normak Sir Mander Bertha Ladder Sender Marcaro charter Sahya Eun-kang Man”.

So, I still enjoyed the Kinkakuji. Speaking of Kyoto? I think that it is a sightseeing place to enter in the best 3 when asked. There were a lot of foreigners.

Bonus. After this, I went to Ryuyasu-ji to walk. There is also Ritsumeikan University on the way, but it might not be a big sightseeing too much w this atmosphere was only a little.

Next time, I will introduce you to Ryuyasu-ji temple.

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