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[Extra Edition] Kyoto travel Kinkakuji Area Part2

[Extra Edition] Kyoto travel Kinkakuji Area Part2

The article of Kyoto travel continues in an extra edition this week. Today is the continuation of the last Kinkakuji area.

↓ It is around here.

Walking on the road of not coming from KinkakujiRyuyasu-ji TempleWent on. The entrance of Ryuyasu Temple. It was unexpectedly vacant.
Official site:Http://

Ryuyasu-ji temple is a temple of the Rinzai sect Myoshin Temple sect that was founded by Katsumoto Hosokawa, a patron daimyo of the Muromachi period. It is a Rinzai sect again W
(Left): A map of Ryuyasu temple. It is quite wide.
(Right): The road near the entrance
DSC_4763.jpg DSC_4765.jpg

The Mirror pond in the temple. There was a benten-do in the middle W also a little bit of a lotus there.

(Left): Kuri and stone steps. Both sides of the stone steps are called Ryuyasu Teragaki.
(Right): Kuri. I wonder if I have seen this architectural style in this trip. I feel like the Kinkakuji.
DSC_4782.jpg DSC_4786.jpg

There was a miniature for the eye Blind on the way to the famous rock garden from Kuri.

Rock Garden It was under construction at this time though the white was seen somehow. In addition, it seems that the temple will be cancelled from January 5 to February 25, 2010. For detailsHere

A horizontal feeling. If you think of the dry landscape, Ryuyasu-ji! It comes to mind, but it might be unexpectedly sober compared with Kenninji temple and Tenryu-ji Temple w

However, it was a valuable experience that I was able to see up close thanks to the construction.

This room is very tall. I wonder if the temple of Rinzai sect is the same as the height.
This picture is a dragon that Satsuki Tsuru (Satsuki) was drawn from 1953 to five years. It is splendid.

This dragon also has power and vitality.


Up in the Rock garden. The white stone is like the flow of water.

This time, the rock garden which looked at the entrance direction from the back. The official name is called the garden.

The stone in the middle. There is dignity in the stone, too.

It seems to purify the hand before entering the tea room “ritual squat”. This is the donated of the Tokugawa Mitsukuni, famous for its Mito yellow gate.

When you get out of kuri and go to the back of the site, there is a memorial tower of design away Japan. It seems to be a memorial offering to those who were killed in the direction of Burma in Pagoda has.

There was a strange tree growing in front of the pagoda has. Is this also related to Burma??

Mirror Pond again. It is likely to become beautiful when it leaves here.

After this, I went to Ninji temple from Ryuyasu-ji temple, but because it does not fit in this article that Ninji temple is fulfilling and crazy, I will introduce the next Myoshin-ji temple and Kitano Tenmangu shrine.

Close to the subway stationMyoshin-jiThe entrance. It is a large shrine of Rinzai sect Myoshin Temple sect.
Official site:Http://

I read the explanation of this temple when I went to the Myoshin-ji Temple exhibition in Higashi-Hiroshi around January this year, but when it actually came, I was surprised.
There are a lot of such feeling of ○ ○ Academy.

It might be not interesting if it does not enter in W which looks like none

Anyway, it is wide and looks like a maze. The right and the left are only ○ ○ Academy. There are also 48 feature on in the hospital.

Sometimes the car comes. “Myoshin-ji Temple” is like a collection of temples.

Hondou Here you can see the Cloud Dragon figure of Kano Searchyu, but this time I passed through because of fatigue.

Hasuike. I decided to go out of the east Side because it is impossible to watch all.

It is a splendid gate.

It was really like a maze. It is difficult to see all of them, so this may be a tourist destination for advanced students in Kyoto.

Even on the busKitano Tenmangu ShrineWent on. I appreciate the shrine is not closed or.
Official site:Http://
(Left): The nearest approach from the bus stop
(Left): a slightly advanced approach. There were a lot of cattle figurines on the side.
DSC_5106.jpg DSC_5113.jpg

Gate. This shrine is a shrine that has been celebrated by the God of scholarship, which is not to be known.

It is a very ritzy gate.
DSC_5126.jpg DSC_5128.jpg

There was a little cute mascot-like holy Beast at the gate.

Dw. I am not going to test anything in particular, but I pray for the time being.
After it died in the Dazaifu of the demotion destination, it became a ghost and it was said that the disaster was put away in the capital, and the curse was dedicated as a god of study after the demotion was withdrawn.

A dedication It is a shrine atmosphere.


Because the atmosphere is good, I tried to take such a photograph somehow W

So, the Kinkakuji area has many attractions. Ryuyasu-ji Temple and Myoshin-ji temple are a little bitter. Kitano Tenmangu Shrine can be enjoyed in the atmosphere alone. And, it is Ninji temple that there was interesting to surpass the Kinkakuji in this area. Next time I will introduce Ninji temple.

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