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Foresta 【 Shop in Waseda neighborhood 】 and photos of Tsubayama-sou

Foresta 【 Shop in Waseda neighborhood 】 and photos of Tsubayama-sou

I have been introducing the Waseda neighborhood for the last three days, but it is the final time today. After seeing the exhibition of the Kodansha Noma Memorial Hall which I introduced last time, I had tea at a café called Foresta in Chinzanso which is about five minutes walk. I think that I will introduce it in the photograph together because I have also seen the garden of the Chinzanso.




[Official Website]
Eating log:Https://
* Please check the official website for business hours, holidays, and maps.

【 Nearest Station 】
Toden Waseda Station, Gokokuji Station, Edogawa Bridge station, etc.

Nearby museums
Kodansha Noma Memorial Hall
Yongqing Bunko
Such as

The cost of one person on this day
About 1300 yen

(4) _5_ Delicious

[Hospitality and Atmosphere]
Uncomfortable _1_2_ 3 _ (4) _5_ comfortable

[Crowded condition and congestion situation (Saturday around 15:00)]
Congestion _1_ (2) _3_4_5_ comfortable

[Total Satisfaction]
Mine _1_2_ 3 _ (4) _5_ Meito

It was quite crowded and it was waiting for the store for about ten minutes.

The shop is located on the third floor of the banquet building, right next to the lobby of the Tsubayama-so. When I thought that I was going to enjoy afternoon tea in Le Jardin which I introduced before, I decided to get it here because it was full.
Reference article:
  Photos of Chinzanso
  Le Jardin 【 shop in Waseda neighborhood 】

This shop also had a calm in making gorgeous. I did not take pictures of the store because there are a lot of customers, but this shop can overlook the garden from a large window.
Unfortunately I was not able to sit by the window W there is still a sense of openness because the window is large.

I asked for the dessert set (1600 yen) on this day. It is a coffee blended with Cherry Mont Blanc.

First of all, coffee.
There was a little bitterness and acidity was not so much. The coffee is easy to drink with a clear aftertaste.

The wife was iced cocoa (980 yen).
There was a thick chocolate fragrance, and the sweetness was steady. It might become considerably sweet when it is with sweets W

This is cherry Blossom Mont Blanc.
The decoration of the flower pattern is a pretty impression not only the body.

There is a whole strawberry in the cherry Blossom Mont Blanc.
There were other salt of cherry blossoms, too, and various taste was hidden and it was delicious.

I decided to take a rest at the café and relax, so I decided to go over the garden of Chinzanso. The garden map is like this
Because there is a discount, I decided to walk in a flat place as much as possible this time.

There was a camellia because it was just called Chinzanso.
April is the best season. It is a gorgeous flower with overlapping petals.

There are stone statues in the garden. This is the Koshin Tower of the Edo period expectation.
There was a wild road around here and it seems to have been put. Ashura. I have a brave figure.

The best view in the garden is around here.
There was a lot of wedding ceremonies, and some people were taking pictures.

There is also a waterfall in the garden.
You can also round the back of this waterfall.

There are other attractions such as the Triple tower, but this time I stopped because it is hard to climb the mountain W

On this day, I was able to see flowers in various places in the garden.
This is weeping cherry tree. It had a very beautiful flower blooming.

This is sacred tree.
The branch has been cut for a moment, but it seems to be about 20m in height in about 500 years old vines. The stately appearance is exactly sacred tree.

This is a tea house called Nagamatsu-Tei.
It looks old, but it was built in 1954. It seems to be used as a private room of the adjacent restaurant now.

There is a stream near here, and there is an event to admire the Firefly at the early summer.

As I went down the garden, I walked along the Kanda River.
The cherry blossoms along the Kamitagawa were in full bloom on this day, and I was able to watch the appearance here.

The cherry blossoms which had fallen thickly were flowing to the river.
I think that it is ants to go to Tsubayama-sou at the time of the Hanami.

So we were able to enjoy the tea and the garden. This is a splendid garden only for the famous place as a luxury hotel. There is also a free direct bus to Ikebukuro, you can be satisfied. When I go to the museum around here, I incorporate it into the course every time, so I want to use it in the future.

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