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Grilled Rice @ man’s proper cooking

Grilled Rice @ man’s proper cooking

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Fried rice is made from a long time dish

Put the broth in a stewed streak or lightly

It was a challenge.

The seasoning is also lost

It’s too stir.

大人しく一言美味しかった @関西
Stir fry too much sweat

大人しく一言美味しかった @関西

Taste good

Chicken Gala, salt and pepper, soy sauce delicious with five incense powder.

大人しく一言美味しかった @関西

This is the five incense powder that I received, and cinnamon works.

A little pro-ish fragrance W just put a little

If you put too much cinnamon sweets

I’m going to make a little more fried rice. It was very good, but..;)

Seasoning Slow W

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