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Gustave Morrow Exhibition-Salome and women of Fate-[Panasonic Shiodome Museum]

Gustave Morrow Exhibition-Salome and women of Fate-[Panasonic Shiodome Museum]

About ten days ago, I saw “Gustave Morrow exhibition-Salome and women of Fate” at the Panasonic Shiodome Museum in Shimbashi.

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【 Exhibition name 】
Gustave Morrow Exhibition-Women of Salome and Destiny

[Official Website]

【 Venue 】 Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art
【 Nearest 】 Shimbashi Station/Shiodome Station

【 Period 】 April 6 (Sat)-June 23 (Sun), 2019
* Please check the official website for business hours, closed days, maps and patrols.

[Appreciation time required (my pace)]
About 1 hour 30 minutes

[Crowded condition, congestion situation]
Congestion _1_2_ (3) _4_ 5 _ Comfortable

[Work Fulfillment]
Insufficient _1_2_ 3 _ (4) _5_ Fuller

Easy to understand
Arcane _1_2_ 3 _ (4) _5_ clear

[Total Satisfaction]
(4) _5_ satisfaction with dissatisfaction

The venue was narrow and there was a feeling of congestion, but I was able to watch at my own pace.

Well, this exhibition is a solo exhibition of Gustave Moreau, a master of symbolism, and it is the content to introduce it by dividing into several strains especially focusing on the female image mainly of the work of the Gustave Moreau Museum in Paris. The Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art has a collection of Georges Luaux, and every year he holds a Luo exhibition, but this time he has taken up Moreau, a little change ball, who was a teacher of the academy era. Since the exhibition consisted of four chapters for each theme, I would like to show you the details of each chapter with your favorite works.

The women that Morrow loved.
First, the corner is lined with works modeled after the lover and mother whom Güterov Moreau loved. Moreau grew up under the architect’s father and a music-loving mother, and seemed to admire his parents dearly. In particular, my mother said that she had lost her sister at the age of thirteen, and that she had strengthened her bond, and I expressed it as being the most important thing in the world and drew it repeatedly. In addition, it seems that Alexandra Durue, who spent nearly 30 years with her marriage, also drew a frequent and intimate perspective, and when she died, the tomb was so deep in love that she applied a design with two initials, A and G. Moreau was called “Mystic who was holed up in the middle of Paris” in the novelist Joris-Calle Huysmans, and it continued to draw the mysterious fam Fatar (Woman of the fate which invites ruin). It seems to have lived the life by putting the distance in social circles and journalism, and piercing the single life, and the old mother and the home. There were a couple of works depicting two women who were close to me.

1“24-year-old self-portraits”
First of all, there was a self-portrait. I wonder if it looks like a slight glance at the lower side in the sideways look. It seems that this is the only self-portrait of an oil painting, and when it was not achieved by an academic education, and it was inclined to romanticism. Because it is an expression to hit a soft light on the face somewhat vaguely, it might nod it a little. There was a mustache and a beard, but it seemed to be a gentle atmosphere without feeling too strict. There are some mystique that feels the morrow’s whiff already.

In this area, there was a sketch of a pencil depicting my mother, a palette, and a memo addressed to my mother. My mother’s later years seemed to have had a bad ear, so I explained my picture in writing, and now it seems to be a valuable material.

6Gustave Moreau “Alexandrines Duroux” ★ Can be seen here.
Here is a drawing of a pencil and ink, and is drawn by the lover Alexandrine Duru who directs the face here in landscape. They met Moreau Italy after studying abroad, and at the time she was a tutor, and it was a chance that Moreau had initiated the painting. He seems to have been a kind person and has an intellectual eye in this picture. I seem to have drawn it quickly, but I was able to recognize the height of the picture power oppositely by drawing power indeed.

There was a portrait by charcoal also next to this. A newspaper under a lamp? Feel relaxed and intimate as you read. By the way, this lover has been a support of the heart since mother died, but it seems to have been passed away to her and to have produced with the feeling of loss in his later years. I was able to see the design of the tomb and the photograph of the tomb in the actual Montmartre. There were also some works I had sent to her at the Gulturv Moreau Museum in Paris, which I introduced in the photo.

10Güterv Morrow “Parc and the Angel of Death”
This is a work depicting the angel of death on horseback and the parc that pulls the reins (the goddess who governs the fate of man). There is a round sun on the right, and one star shines in heaven. These two pillars have become a rough touch so that you do not know the face, Angel of death feel something like a sense of intimidation there is also a light ring behind the sword holding. According to the commentary, the work seemed to have been drawn after the death of her lover, and the energy of sadness and loss was shifted to this picture.

Chapter 2, “Emergence” and Salome >
Next, it is about “Salome” that Moreau drew well. Salome is a Jewish princess who desired the head of John the Baptist to King Herod as a reward for Mai, but it is also a theme drawn by Moreau in the Femme Fattal which drew many. Moreau was drawing Salome as an dazzle man, and there were also works representing it.

11Gustave Moreau “The Beheading of St. John the Baptist”
This is the earliest time I have painted a Salome on oil. The figure of John of half-naked who is knees the hand in the place like the center altar is drawn, and there is a figure of the Salome of the yellow robe which is staring at the side hangman the sword is held in the back. There was a vertical cylinder in the background, and the light and shade had a mysterious effect, and it seemed like light from the top left. It’s a quiet but horribly dramatic one.

There was a work after the neck was cut in this side, too.

16Güterv Morrow “Salome”
This is a study of the part of the Salome which dances from the salon exhibition work in 1876 “dance in front of Herod”, and is drawn in the same size as the finished work Salome. The right hand is tsumuri in front of the face to pray, and it is wearing the long clothing of the Orient style, and there is a beautiful, magical atmosphere. It was a mysterious beauty when watching this much, and the mysterious appeal of femme fattal was drifting.

18Güterv Morrow “Emergence” ★ Can be seen here.
This is a work depicting the scene of the vision that John’s neck with the glittering light in the center floats in the air and Salome is pointing at it. The neck of John is Salome with blood dripping and eyes open. On the other hand, Salome looks like a glaring face, but the king in the back seems not to be aware of John’s neck, and it seems to be visible only to Salome. This picture seems to be unfinished, and the decoration of the pillar and the palace of the background is a feature that the white line remains like the draft. Idols and ornaments were drawn finely, and the dense was clearly understood. It is an original work including the pose and the composition.

34Güterv Morrow “Salome”
This is a nude statue of Salome that has a flower and puts it on the shoulder to cross the hand. With a well-proportioned physique, it has become a graceful figure twisting the waist. It is a particularly mysterious beauty that shines white on a dark background, and the person who seems to be a king and mother stares at the nude in the back. I combine the mystique and bewitching, it was just one piece, such as Femme fattal.

# 3: Women of Destiny >
The following is a corner depicting the women of femme fattal. Just like a captivating and cursed Jewel, Moreau says, “a woman is obsessed with the unknown and mystery in its essence, and appears dressed in the form of an immoral demonic temptation. It is an unconscious existence which is deprived of the heart from Badness, “and it is said that it is likely to become a big problem if it is modern (W) I had been working on the work of Mythology and the Bible based on the history painter. There were femme fattal who came out in the myth in line here.

37Gustave Moreau “Helrene stands on the walls of Troy”
This is a work depicting a helrene standing on the wall behind the sunset. In the episode of Paris’s referee, Paris is spoil his by the promise of Wesley (like bribery) and the two of them are tied, but because of that, the Trojan War will take place, and Helene is depicted as the beauty of the leaning country. In the lower right of Helene, the soldiers who lost their lives in the war are folded up, and blood is dripping here and there. The face of Helene is nothing like a bare, but still wears a beautiful and dignified atmosphere. There was a devastating fascination with the sinister and the beauty living together.

There were also paintings such as the 淫蕩 Messina, the secret of Samsung’s superhuman strength-haired Delilah, the sphinx that killed the traveler with a riddle, and the priestess of Bacchus who tear Orpheus.

47Güterv Morrow “Hercules and on-Farle”
This is a work depicting Hercules and the Princess of Luddia, and it is an episode where Hercules became a slave of the on-Farle as the punishment which killed a friend and becomes a mistress. Here, both of them are naked, sitting and Corolla on the head of Hercules, on which they stand on their hands, and they are depicted as cupid with wings behind them. The on-Farre is a soft and tender body expression, and Hercules according to it seems to be a divine feeling. Buffy it was interesting to have been like a good in the W

49Güterv Morrow “Sirens”
This is a work depicting three nude sit in the rocky sea against the backdrop of the sunset. The foot is like a snake, and the appearance that it is wrapped around a man’s corpse is drawn, and it seems that they attract the sailor and kill sirens. It is interesting to live with the horror which is not similar to the gloss of a fantastic, beautiful sunset and nudity. This was the feeling of femme fattal.

There was a similar work next to this.

51Gustave Moreau “Leda”
This is a work based on the myth of Ledda and swans, and the nude Ledda is close to his face to hug and kiss the swan that Zeus transformed. Since Swans (Zeus) should approach Ledda in the story, this composition might be a little unusual as the role is reversed. It is the feeling that Ledda is inviting rather. The color was thin, and I watched it while thinking that it might be unfinished because I could see the draft. It was a color that emerged white in the dark.

57The abduction of the Europa ★ Can be seen here.
This is a scene of the transformation story of Ovid, Zeus which changed the appearance to the Princess Europa and the bull is drawn. Europa ride on a little disgusting w back shining to be Zeus only face is a sensual atmosphere with the gaze of Zeus together. How to Ride the Europa is a strange feeling, but it was also an interesting composition that has become the attitude to fly the body diagonally. It is a particularly eye-catching work because it is large.

There were also works on the theme of Adam and Eva Eva, poet Satfour, Cleopatra and others who fell in love and committed suicide.

Chapter 4: The Unicorn and the maiden of chastity >
The last chapter is the corner of a pure maiden. It seems to have drawn the maiden without dirt on the other hand which had drawn a beautiful woman, and the material of the unicorn that only the Virgin can capture seemed to be suitable for it. Also, in the loneliness of losing her mother and her lover, she is a symbol of love and mercy, and she has learned the composition of the 15th century Venetian painter Carpaccio. Such a pure woman image was lined up here.

63Güterv Morrow “Unicorn” ★ Can be seen here.
This is a work drawn with reference to the tapapi of the Cluny Medieval Art museum, and the nude lie with a unicorn in the Waterside forest. The woman in the dress has a unicorn on both sides, which is a calm and utopian scene. Women’s ornaments are France medieval style, and are quite dense with fine patterns. The women had a gentle look, and the atmosphere was a little different from the women who had seen so far W

66Güterv Morrow “Fairy and Griffon”
This is a work with the nude of a pure white body lying in the back of the head in the Cave of the Rock, and the Griffon which was lowered in the foreground. According to the commentary, it seems to depict a woman who is the object of lust because it is hard to take the beauty, the Griffon seems to have defended it with a steep look. It was pure white and looks like a marble image, but it was certainly a dignified figure.
In addition, Andre Breton who saw the difference in the version of this picture became the prisoner of the picture.

Finally, there was a picture of the Guide of the Gulturv Moreau Museum in Paris. It seems that there are also 14,000 points in the narrow museum, and two times the painter’s loved furnishings are exhibited. When I went to Paris, I had no time to go and regretted…

So, I was able to see Moreau’s view of women in a multifaceted sense, not only to the works depicting the mother, the lover, and the pure woman. I was able to be satisfied enough because I liked Moreau originally, but I think that I wanted to see oil painting a little more if possible. However, there are some works that are worth seeing such as Salome, so I feel like Moreau will increase in this exhibition. It is a recommended exhibition for the love of Western painting.

It was renamed from “Panasonic Shiodome Museum” from this exhibition of Chinami, but it was renamed again! I think I’m not the only one in front of the Panasonic Electric Works Shiodome Museum before that, the “Matsushita Electric Works Shiodome Museum” and the name of the head office has changed every time change. This time, it was changed because it was designated as a museum and it is confusing with the Panasonic Museum in Osaka. It is what I want to settle this time because it is hard to remember….

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