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Hakata Tenjin Tonkotsu Tiger and Ryu Tachibana store @ this way? #尼崎JR立花

Hakata Tenjin Tonkotsu Tiger and Ryu Tachibana store @ this way? #尼崎JR立花

人気ブログランキングへStreet Food ブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ B-Class Gourmet, Kansai Street  

Today’s quiet word

It is good for a cold night with noodles, after drinking, and light noodle.

Finally betrayed the Tigers and Dragons of Hanshin Amagasaki, Tachibana shop in the neighboring town here

I have come up. (・・;)

Is the taste different? Expect ~ ~ ~ ~, it is full.


The seasoning of noodles is, of course, flour!


The kitchen in the restaurant is quite messy, clean and looks very bad.

The kitchen is likely to work about four people in the spread W

It is the making of the shop which makes you want to eat Chinese food.

Is it a Chinese or a miss?


Without looking at the menu, it is always a dragon with a solid taste.


I also like grilled rice quite a lot.

It was said that the delicious of the noodles of the suspension of the whole life-Chushu is quite large,

I will not forget that the salt was good.

It is only noodles today.


I feel like I just saw it…

This thick! It’s completely different.

It is a lot of expectation.

If you drink soup…

This is my whole life!

“Very close to the soup with a lot of freshness!” 」

I’m not sharp.

What is the difference between Osaka and here? 」


It is boiled.


Char siu here is normal size.

I have to.


Maybe so w


In the end, the taste is changed with white Sesame and high greens and Beni Ginger.

It is a simple and good pig bone.


Shop name Hakata Tenjin tonkotsu ramen Tiger and Ryu Tachibana store

Address 2-2, 2-chome, Tachibana-cho, Amagasaki, 661-0025

Phone number 06-6428-3545

Home Page

Eating log

Tiger and Dragon Tachibana store ( Ramen / Tachibana station )

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

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